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Pancreatic Cancer

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My mom is 82 years old and was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer two days ago. My emotions are so confused. Don't know just yet how to deal with it.

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The first few days after a cancer diagnosis are hard. Not to say it gets easy moving forward, but at first you don't know how to react. You don't know what to expect. You don't have a plan of attack, and all kinds of worries are spinning around in your head. It is important to remember that cancer treatments have improved a lot in recent years. The survival rates are up. Treatment for some cancers are more targeted and not as toxic as they used to be. Find out as much as you can about your mother's particular situation. Talk with her about what she wants to do and follow her lead. Plan together about her care. If she choses not to fight for some reason or if you are being told that there is nothing you can do, decide together if she wants to get a second opinion. Then go from there. I am sorry that you and your mom are now a part od the cancer family. Best of luck moving forward. Fay

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in 2002, and is still practicing! Dr. Lack was my reconstructive surgeon in 1994 and still fighting for the rights of patients!

"In addition, Dr. Edward Lack, a Chicago physician with pancreatic cancer who favors medical use of marijuana, said all treatments have side affects. He said he gets marijuana through a college student.

"When you're worried about side effects, every anti-cancer drug kills the kidney, kills the lung, kills the liver," Lack said. "What are we talking about? These are people that are suffering and dying."'


Love, Courage, and Peace of Mind!


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