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Double Header

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Hey everyone,

Had a setback on Sunday. Just got to where I couldn't control the nausea and had to go to the hospital. Boy this medicine is like fire when it comes back up. They admitted me and got me straightened out. But they stopped all treatment for Monday. I don't know what caused the problem, the rads or the chemo and they just kind of blamed each other.

Was discharged yesterday and yep, you guessed it, they wanted to do the final chemo today. I kindly informed them that the final chemo had taken place. They were not pleased with Steve to saythe least.But wait a minute, why would we take a chance for God's sake? The schedule was originally 5 treatments anyway, and I did 6. I think I had enough thank you.

Told the rad man Tuesday that he was going to lose his last session and he talked me into doin 2 tomorrow. Then I AM DONE!! I know it was the chemo that made me sick anyway. So come on double header.Sounds like I'm crazy huh. Hate to tell ya, I am a little.

Thanks to all who have helped me, and may God be with us all,

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Hi Steve,
Was wondering how you were doing. Sorry you had to go to the hospital but glad you are done with chemo and only the 2 rads left! Now it is all about getting your energy and weight back. You can do it!

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Glad to hear you are reaching the last of your treatment Steve, sometimes we need to wonder with our doctors just how much is enough. I remember when I was looking like a French fry I wondered just how much of this stuff I could take before it killed me instead of the Cancer. Keep strong and keep fighting.

All the best to you and the wife

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Glad you are almost to the end of your treatment.
Good luck in the healing process.

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Glenna M
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Steve, I'm sorry you had such a hard time with the chemo and had to stop. I will do a happy dance for you today as it is finally your last rad treatment. Now you will join the rest of us on the road to our new "normal". It can seem like a long road but you will make it and start enjoying your life again.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hope you start feeling better soon!


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I was wondering how things were going. I hadnt seen anything from you in a while. Like others I am glad you are almost finished. Best Wishes

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Good luck on your healing Steve, and way to watch out for yourself. We can all count to five, and good for you for keeping count. I had the same hospital experience: last chemo, nausea came to stay three days later and put me in the hospital, but I only had to make up rads so I could understand.


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Hi All,

Thanks for all of your good wishes and prayers and posts. I appreciate it so much. Here's to a cancer free life for all of us!!

God Bless,

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Glad to hesee you posted... hang in there. Don't look for things to improve as soon as treatments are through!... but my hustband is back to work and getting stronger every day.
God Bless.

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