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Bon Voyage - got great news today

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I went to the doctor today for test results. My CA 125 is up to 140 (was 119 7 weeks ago). The CAT scan did not show any change from before, so I am still in observation until the CAT scan shows changes. I will have repeat lab and CAT scan in 2 months. I feel great. We are leaving for our Transatlantic Cruise in the morning, so we can really celebrate. I am so glad that I decided to on the cruise. It should be a great experience. Don't know if I will have internet access, so it may be 3 weeks before I sign in again. Hope all goes well with everyone. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated. In peace and caring.

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So glad to hear that your counts are only up a little bit.At first glance I read your previous counts incorrectly. It is nice to be going off on a trip. Enjoy every moment and let us know how your adventure goes when you come back.

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Your trip sounds wonderful (and your news so encouraging) - may it be a great experience in every way. You will be missed and we look forward to a trip report on your return.


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Have a great time on your trip. I am beginning to think that tumor markers are not as accurate as we think and we need to give ourselves room to breathe. Melt into the cruise and the surroundings and have a great time.


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Enjoy your wonderful cruise and think of only the moment of having the best time in your life!!! You deserve it....


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Ro, I am so happy for you! Have a perfectly wonderful trip. Can hardly wait to hear about all of the places you visit and the fun time you have. This is a long awaited trip for such a deserving gal.....so, have a great time!!

Cheers!!! Karen

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I just noted in another post that I had my CA125 taken yesterday, after a 2-month break from chemo. It was hanging in the mid-40's for the last 5 rounds of weekly taxol I had in January and early February, and so with that clear CT/PET, they thought I should take a break and check and see if 'mid-40's' is my new normal CA-125 with all the bowel inflammation I've had from the radiation.

WELL, my CA-125 yesterday was 34.6!! It came DOWN after I stopped chemo, probably because the chemo itself was inflamming my already-irritated bowels! So I am getting another 2-months of NO CHEMO, and going on a cruise myself in late May!!

Have a wonderful time! Just don't eat from street-vendor stands (the mistake I made in Greece that I think started up all the bowel distress that upped my CA125). Live Live Live it up! ((((Ro)))) Happy hugs!

ENJOY ! ENJOY! and don't worry about those numbers!

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Ro and Linda- I love thinking of both of you on the high seas, having a joyful trip. Enjoy. I had my 2 years since the end of treatment appointment this week- my CA 125 was 15 and I've graduated to a 6 month next appointment. So grateful. Barb

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Linda...great news that you are doing so well and that you are plannng a cruise in May..How wonderful! Enjoy and keep celebrating!

Bon Voyage to you too!!! Where are you headed?


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for ro and linda,

it's so good to hear of both of your good news, and that you'll both be crusing in the ocean blue. how wonderful, and restful. have a wonderful time, see lots of sights, eat well and happily, and play a little poker if you're in the mood.

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Have a wonderful time :)


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Have a great time!!!

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