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Riddle Me This- Oncologist Not sure of treatment plan after my resection???!!! WTF???

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So, my Onc calls me back - I left her a message about re-starting chemo as per Dr. Fong, who did my liver resection a few weeks ago. He suggested 3-6 months, same chemo as I was on.

Onc states (once again) that I hae her stumped - that there is NO STANDARD OF CARE after a liver resection. Can that be true??? the oncology field has not a recommended treatment plan after a successful liver resection?

She reached out to a few of her mentors, one says No treatment and another says to do a different coctail of drugs than what I was on.

I am agahst. I asked her - "so Doc, have you not ever had a patient like me? Stage 4, still alive, liver resection?" And she said "No".

at this point, no mets anywhere but liver. Onc & I agree that I want to do chemo as some "insurance" against the microspcopic cells lurking aound. She will reach out for more opinions.

I find this distrubing and odd.

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Hi...I know some responses will be///get a new onc...but I'll just briefly tell you my story. I had my liver resection in a large teaching hospital several hours from home. My onc is here....in 2006 when I had the first resection the liver surgeon said no chemo...not indicated. My onc decided to do 6 months of xeloda anyway.
In 2008 after another smaller liver met and surgery the surgeon said yes....it now appears chemo is called for and is helping patients at stage 1V My onc put me on zelox...oxalyplatin plus xeloda. I finished that cocktail in June of 2009 and have been NED so far. If you like your onc you could give her a chance. I think there are 3 of us in this area of Canada....all from the same liver surgeon...all NED

hope you find a solution that suits you

all best wishes

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Let me understand this...

You want to kill cancer cells without knowing if you actually have any...

And you want to kill what you don't know if you even have, with what
are known to be carcinogenic chemicals that can leave you with a
weakened immune system and possibly poorer health........?

Did I get that right?

There is absolutely no guarantee that chemotherapy will kill cancer
cells that cannot be detected by present standards.

When a single cell that is living by the fermentation process is inside
you, it doesn't appear to any medium, as any different than any other cell.

Chemo kills by seeking cells that grow faster than it's surrounding cells.
That is the limitation of present western medicine technology for
cancer control.

You might want to reconsider your feelings of panic and fear, since
it's doing to you, what it does to all of us.......

Taking toxic chemicals for some sense of "insurance" against what
they were not designed to do, really isn't all that great an idea.....

Just my opinion; you'll have to design yours.

(print this and give it to your onco for verification)

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Kerry S
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I had liver chemo embolazation that killed off ½ of my liver 12/08. I did not have any more chemo or any other drug. Been NED from then.

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