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What is it like ?

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Im only 29 years old and im so a scard March 22nd i was told i had Uterine cancer well i have to have ALL removed my womb my tubes my overys on April 16th.

every time i go to the store and i see Woman who is preggy or has a child i say WHY ME ? i want to brake down and cry i wanted a baby more then anything in this world now my husband and my dream will never be. Adoption is out of the Question unless they change alot of laws .

Well my big Questions are

#1 how will i feel once the sugery is done ? ( pain wise ) and Spirt wise ?

#2 how long before im back to my self or the new me ?

#3 is there any long term feelings you get in your body like pains that stay with you or hurts in your body or do you go back to Normal once its out ?

#4 will i go right in to Menopaus ? if so what is this like ?

i tryed to fine out if Des moines had a support group and there was none that they knew of face to face a group type meeting so i kinda feel stuck in this all alone my husband is there for me but i feel we need to talk to others whos been through this

my CT scan and chest xray showed back Normal so i take it this is good news ?

right now im told until all is removed and tested they are unsure as to if i will need any chemo treatments or not im praying i dont

I have feelings of being MAD, angery hurt and sad

i dont even no how to handle this im a strong christian so i lean on GOD but im a HUMAN and the thought of never having a child or what its gonna be like after all is removed will i cry every time i see a baby or will this feeling go away ?

i dont no then there is the fear o the cancer i just wish i didnt have it but i do

one big Question is i kinda get the ideal of foods but i hate sea foods so what type of foods do i eat and how do i make a meal out of it ?

ok i have many Questions but ill leave u with this for now

thanks and my prayers is with each of you/.

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I'm sorry you're so young and having to have a total hysterectomy. I was in your shoes one year ago, but know I'm 53 years and had my kids, so the "girlie" parts aren't needed.

During surgery both my OB and oncologist removed my parts and removed and sampled 25 lymph nodes. Only cancer found was in 1 lymph node in pelvic area which meant chemo and radiation. You might not have any thing outside of the original spot where cance was found. Assuming cancer found in tumors in uterus? That was my case.

After surgery I had some resting time as the incision was tender and I couldn't run or exercise for 6 weeks. I work from home, therefore, I could take naps and take a few pain meds. I started chemo 2 weeks after surgery and I was just fine.

I'll try to answer more of your questions --

#1 how will i feel once the sugery is done ? ( pain wise ) and Spirt wise ? Spirit wise you should feel a bit tired but all in all nothing different except a bit of pain. Basically depends on your personality -- are you very positive and can pull yourself up to be positive?

#2 how long before im back to my self or the new me ? Don't know if I can answer as had chemo 2 weeks after surgery. I'd say by the 6th week after surgery when had appt with my OB, I was doing most of my normal things.

#3 is there any long term feelings you get in your body like pains that stay with you or hurts in your body or do you go back to Normal once its out ? No pains at all and note the parts they take out are very small weighing ounces. They aren't missed as other parts work around them...that's what my OB told me when I asked.

#4 will i go right in to Menopaus ? if so what is this like ? Yes if they take out your ovaries you'll go into menopause. I will say I was lucky as didn't have any real symptoms....no hot flashes or night sweats or depression. My OB told me I was very lucky.

I wish you well and don't think too far into the future about kids, as that time will be in front of you and at that point make your decisions. Adoption is wonderful as many of my friends have adopted...it is possible even in the US.

Take care and keep us posted on your progress!!

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Thank you for responding to my post i have lots of Questions but you helped me alot on some of them as for the Postive thing along as i put my faith 1st i can stay postive but i admit if i see a baby i get sad and Depressed now i have to have all this stuff out

my doctor said since im over weight im at grater risks of heart problams ( this scard me ) as my dad and all his brothers and dad and mom all died due to heart attacks very young in age and my 1st couisns all have heart problams so of course when he told me that i about freaked out.

ya that is what they said that my cancer was caused by tumors in my womb but he called it tumor cells he didnt expilan to much before he sent me over to the cancer doctor who seem to only Expilan about the sugery but nothing elis.

i feel odd about going in to menopaus at my age i all ready get over heated and stuff and swet so i dont no if it will be much diffrent then what im use to or worser

thanks for responding it does help to talk to others who no about this

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I can understand your feelings when see babies in others arms, now can't see it with yourself. Life isn't always fair and I know it's hurting you inside. On the otherside of thinking, at least they found the cancer, as you have a life. If not finding it and was very aggressive, you could be dead. Putting it bluntly but that how I look at many things in life.

I didn't ask for cancer, but what it has done to be is very positive look of enjoying each day of my life. Don't get as upset over little things, and try to enjoy more time with my family NOW, not waiting for another day we'll do this or that....

How did they detect your cancer? Mine was from vaginal discharge with mild pinkish blood on and off for months, then to ultrasound and then to D&C where they found the 2 small tumors. Biopsy found them to be cancerous, then to hysterectomy and the treatments.

Today trying to get back into a "normal" life, whatever that can be. Not as easy as we tend to think about the reoccurance of cancer. Each time I have follow-up tests the reoccurance isn't as prevelent in my mind.

Keep coming back if you have more questions....

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thanks for sharing with me and giving advice well i when i was younger i Skiped my period for a few years i was just a teenager and they didnt do a thing about it then once i started my periods the blood was heavy but after i was married i started to have have bad clots very larage cloting and cramps bad pains my doctor kept telling me it was nothing i had tones o paps and stuff and they kept saying i was fine.

in 2008 they found a very big tumor and told me this was not cancer but he wanted to get a closer look when they went in they found nothing at all i took it GOD heard my prayers and healed me in 2009 the blood picked up badly the clot got very bad but in march 2010 the start i bleed so much i past out after i threw up so they gave me a blood transfusion and orderd a D&C with testing when the lab work came back i was told on march 22nd i had the cancer this is how they found out i even had the cancer

my husband has 2 aunts who had the same cancer one was stage 4 and died chemo didnt work for her the other was stage 1 and beat the cancer shes now 13 years and cancer free

i do thank god each day they found it now while there is still time i have alot to live for and i want to live life i take each day as i can.

thanks for being there or me


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I am so very sorry to hear that you have uterine cancer and at such a young age too. I totally understand your rollercoaster of emotions. It is normal to be scared that you are going to die from cancer and that you also mourn the loss of your fertility. There may be some fertility sparing options for you. Maybe you could have some of your eggs saved. Right now you need all of your energy to fight the cancer and save your life.
(If you enter surgery on the search box on this site you might find more detail information about your questions.)
There are two basic approaches to the hysterectomy: OPEN approach where you will have an incision from the top of your pubic area to just below your belly button. This approach takes longer to recover from as your abdominal muscles are cut and take 6-8 weeks to heal.

The other approach is Laproscopic where the surgeon makes about 4 small incisions around the abdomen. This approach can be done with a robot assisted approach (Divinci). Your oncologist/gynecologist surgeon will tell you more about the risks and benefits of each.

You may want ot purchase some mental imagery CDs specific for cancer and radiation treatments to listen to while undergoing treatments. You won't know if you need chemo or radiation until they stage and grade your cancer.

If you can try to have surgery at a large cancer center like the University of Iowa as they likely have all the specialists in one place.

As far as your spirit goes...keep your prayer life near as this is the biggest challenge of your life. God is always with you... remember this while you are at the hospital.

Keep posting on this site as we "sisters" who have been through all the ups and downs will be here to support you and your husband. The great thing about this site is that we share a common battle with fighting and surviving cancer.

Push yourself to walk as soon as you can after surgery....the nurses got me up sitting at the edge of the hospital bed within 4 hours of getting out of surgery. Take your pain medicine but remember to take stool softners too as the narcotics you will be taking will make you very constipated. Drink lots of water.
This is not the time to change your eating habits....you will lose weight after surgery...I lost 20 pounds in one week. Eventually you will be at a point where you will likely need to take some nutritional supplements to help heal your body but not now. There is so much to share with you but we will answer your questions as they come. I had my surgery in June of 2009 and finished chemo December 2009.
Please keep us posted of your progress.
Keeping you in my prayers,

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Hi thank you for responding im in des moines i dont have the Time nore money to go to Iowa city for that Hospital thats oh most 2 or 3 hours from where i live. and not sure what my Insurence would cover i have Medcaid but i think its only coverd in the area i am at not sure ?

How ever my doctor got right down to it my OB sent me to the cancer doctor he told me right away they was doing the sugery he said they are going to cut me above the belly botton because im over weight they cant go below the botton but above it im told ill be at the Hospital at lest 4 to 5 days im told and on best rest for 6 to 7 weeks once home.

My big Question is will they use glue or stables i guse i should ask them that.

im grade 1 for now but they said fully they wont no stageing until the testing once all is out but im standing on faith ill be stage one and no chemo will be needing i have to keep the faith over that

im having it done with DR carlson with marcy medical center in des moines he is in DR turners office im told she has worked with the hopsital in iowa city and shes very GOOD so im tursting this doctor is good

they never gave me nothing for pain my DR went out of town and the nurse and my OB all says same thing any meds has to be appoved by HIM

so im hopen they will give me wonderful PAIN meds after LOL

yep i will keep u all posted thanks for advice

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