Update on My Mom

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Hi ladies,

I was able to visit my sweet mama for a few days last week. It was so wonderful to spend time together, although she was feeling very bad for much of the time. I took her to the cancer center for IV hydration and she was perked up enough to go to the health food store after that. We had lunch from the hospital cafeteria, and she ate quite a bit of her grilled chicken and sweet potato fries. They have a therapy dog at the the cancer center, a pug named Sushi - she cheered us up a lot. What a roller coaster...you hope for good days but sometimes you only get a few good hours. I did make her a big batch of garlicky lentil soup and froze it in little portions, she has been trying to get more calories. Yesterday she was diagnosed with another UTI and has to go back on the antibiotics that make her feel poorly.

We are still trying to get the Avastin approved through her insurance, right now she is on single-agent Ixempra (ixabepilone) with her next infusion on 4/16.

I am planning a six day trip for Memorial Day weekend, hopefully she will have more energy and we can see more sunshine.



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    Glad you got to spend some time with your Mom
    Continue to take one day at a time. As you have said sometimes it is few good hours. May your next visit find your Mom with more energy. Wishing you both good days. In peace and caring.
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    Spending time with Mom
    You are the best medicine for your Mom! It is the little things that will make her days good days even on the worst days. Keeping you in my prayers.
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    My Mom is in remission from breast cancer for 6 years now. Honestly, being on both ends, I think being a caretaker is harder than being the patient. We went through the chemo/radiation with her about 7 years ago. Last year, I was diagnosed and she took care of me after surgery and radiation (I didn't have chemo). I'm glad to hear that she ate and was perked up.