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Anybody here diagnosed with Terminal Cancer (given up by dr)?

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Anybody here diagnosed with Terminal Cancer (given up by dr)?

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Dear Robert:
Nobody has an expiration date. All cancers are difficult to fight. What I can tell you, is my story. Every day is more difficult because my husband is getting very tired. Of course you think in death but we don't like to think when. We just enjoy each day. One day more is one more gift. Enjoy with your family, do something you would like to do. If you see the news you will see people that is healthy but they are death because of a car accident, so nobody knows. I know is hard to get bad news, but my father told me one thing that helped me. If your problem has a solution. You don't need to be worried. But if your problem has NOT a solution don't be worried. I hope my story can help you, Good luck!


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i have a friend that I look up to. 12 years ago she got the news of bone cancer. They wanted to cut off her leg. She said no way. Of course the cancer traveled. to her lungs to her face to her brain( the whole left side of her brain has no activity) Her right side took over and she has ho memery loss and has retained her ability to do all things.The doctors have told her for years that she should be a vegetable. The cancer was in her back, her neck,and her female organs. years ago she lost her sight but was able to recieve a transplant and regained her sight in 1 eye. She has lost her hearing in one ear and may lose her hearing in her other. She had thyroid cancer and the doctor told they could not operate that it was terminal and she should go home and kiss her children and her husband because she would be dead in three months. She got a second opinion and he agreed that in was terminal but would operate. What did she have to lose. That was nine (9) years ago. I t has been a battle. She never got a year off. She makes herself get up exercise and eat.
She is a surviver. no one has an expiration date.
take care Joy

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The very prospect that your Professional Menders might have already given a heads-up to the Funeral Director could (and should immediately, at least,) be devastating!

Don't let it last.

(I'm 66, male, married,... dx'd a year ago with a GBM-IV, left frontal lobe,... elected standard treatment protocols: surgery, radiation, chemo, in trade for which I got this really random hair-do.)

Laying there in the hospital two or three days before the Open-Brain Surgery, I came to several essential conclusions:
1) I wasn't going to lose any more sleep over it. The treatments were going to take a lot more out of me before I started getting anything back, and my body/brain was going to need all the rest it could get.
2) I would contract with my doctors, as they came and went in turn, to be frank with me. It would be part of their job to be realistic. That would free up me and my caregiver to be optimistic or pessimistic,... that's still our choice to make, everyday.
3) And I would remember that living and dying with a brain cancer is like walking the plank,... we can enjoy the ocean view and the salt spray, and sooner or later most of us are going to have to think and talk about hospice care. To disappear into resentment won't be fair to my Professional Menders or my caregiving wife, and besides, even then, I'm going to need my power naps.

Go well on the journey, Robert.
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