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Kidney removal and recovery

opito bay
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While having an MRI scan it was discovered purely by chance that I had 2 Tumors in my right kidney,I had the Kidney removed using key hole surgery. After leaving hospital after 3 nights I went home feeling okay. Unfortunately after 10days of feeling poorly one of my entry points burst as was infected, approx 100mils not very nice fluid was taken out and I was back into hospital for another 3 nights on an intravenous antibiotic drip.the infection was about 4 weeks coming right as the wound closed very slowly. My experience with the whole situation has not been good with some very strong anxiety attacks, sometimes 3-4 times a day. I am also extremely tired a lot of the time despite reasonable sleep,approx 3x2hours per night. I have a pain around my right shoulder blade that cannot be explained, this despite a bone scan and Xrays.It's been three months since the operation and still extremely anxious, tired and still have the shoulder pain. I am lead to believe the recovery differs from patient to patient. I would like some feedback on my situation please.

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Although your results in no way appear to be typical any surgery carries risks. With that said I hope you find a good intern and/or infectious disease specialists to address your concerns. The pain from a normal nepharactomy should be minimal after 3 months. Feeling tired for a copple of months is normal although yours was no doubt aggrevated by the infection.

opito bay
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Thanks for yr response icemantoo. My Doctor considers me cured and will have a long and good life as long as I look after myself.I struggle to believe this with my first follow up scan due in 4 weeks. I still have some pains as explained earlier , Fatigued lot of the time. I would welcome as much feedback as possible on other recovering patients.
The pain is getting less frequent however I have some days that flare up out of the blue.


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I had a partial nep end of last year to have a tumor removed that was in my right kidney.
I am just starting to feel normal again. For the first month I was pretty fatigued and had more aches due to a drain they put in me. The incision areas are still sore every once in a while and if I do too much I start feeling tired again. I was always really healthy prior to this but now I need to realize this was major surgery and I just have to pace myself.
Good Luck to you,

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