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He was a healthy man, feeling great
Did not know much about the prostate
Then came a day when his whole world shook
A simple blood test was all that it took

Prostate Cancer is what they said
Felt like he had been kicked in the head
On his journey he met many others
Now he thinks of them all as brothers

He does his research, needs to make a decision
Active Surveillance, radiation, seeds, or incision
He has made his decsion, he has no regrets
A time of his life he will never forget

He has made up his mind, made his choice
Not to be silent but to be a voice
So he tells all the men he meets along the way
Make sure they test your PSA
Tell all your friends, tell their wives
Getting tested could save mens lives



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    Enjoyed your
    Enjoyed your post/poem.

  • randy_in_indy
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    Good One
  • Trew
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    Nicely done
    I hope you can put it to song and make a few million $$$.

    Nicely done.
  • gkoper
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    I'm a musician & don't do rap/hip-hop...but I "hear" it in your cool poem.
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    As John Diamond said
    Cancer is just a word. Not a sentence.
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    Kongo said:

    As John Diamond said
    Cancer is just a word. Not a sentence.

    Hadn't thought about the music part......Maybe.....

    Thanks everyone for the comments.