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Stomach feeding tube

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Hey guys, still hanging in threre. Now they want to put a feeding tube into my stomach(called it a non-stereil) tube??? Any with any experience with this. My mouth is still tore up and Im losing about 5 lbs a week now. You gals are soo much tuffer than me I have had enoughh!!! Steve (feeeling sorry for himself)

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It sounds like you must have an extremely bad case of the mouth sores. I have not heard of anyone with anal cancer getting a feeding tube, but know of many people with tonsil cancer who get them for obvious reasons. Many people get them and have no problems. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this and wish I could give you more information. Hang in there and let us know what is decided.

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Its noon now and I am in a much better mood. Monings are hell for me .( I should just not talk till noon lol) I have a friend who is going to take me to grocery store and put anything that even sounds good to me in the cart. If this doesnt work he says then we will think about the feeding tube. sounds strange but hot wings sound good ( dr gave me heavy duty acid pills and says go for the foods that sound good no matter what they are) Again thanks to all of you who share on here.someday when Im better, Ill name names and give personal tahnks. Hope ya'll are doing great. Steve

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I'm so sorry your having mouth problems. I know I could only eat liquids like soup (cooled down) and lots of water. I lost about 20 lbs, which I needed to lose, unfortunately I've gained it back and then some. When I brushed my teeth it felt like I was brushing them with nails. I think it took about 2 weeks before my mouth was better. Please eat whatever you can, and then it sounds like you won't need the feeding tube. I hope you eat well from now on. I'll be praying for you. I wish you well. Lori

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I had the mouth sores as well. My doctor prescribed Caphosol which helped. I still had them for at least 10 days though. Stick with soft foods. I ate a hamburger one day when my mouth was feeling better and then my mouth hurt even worse later. I ended up drinking Ensure and milkshakes. Jello was good and for some cheesecake really tasted good to me. Of course mashed potatoes are were easy to eat. Don't eat them until they cool off though.


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Hey THAT's what we're here for! You don't have to put on a smiley face for us! Save that for the family. We understand all to well. Somedays we can just not get past the fact that THIS SUCKS, and that's OK because it does. As long as you can quickly pull yourself out of it, and if you do that by noon.....that's better than I did some days!
I'm Italian, and food is like my FAVORITE thing....and the wine! I remember at one point during chemo ( early on) I took a sip of wine, and it felt like lighter fluid going down my throat. That was the last glass of wine I had for a year!!!! And any food with flavor....I just couldn't handle. I ate the blandest boring stuff. I thought I would never enjoy the foods I love again.....but you do. It all comes back. I know it's hard to imagine now.....but it does!!!!!
Hope you get past this quickly!!!!

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The mouth sores are a real pain... it took 10 days for mine to mostly go away, out of that time I couldn't eat for 4 days. The magic mouthwash did not do much other than to dull the pain for about 20 minutes. I was also given a combo of maalox and lidocaine which worked better. Iced tea was the only thing that tasted good to me, and at times it hurt to drink it. Two things I can say without reservation - 1) They eventually go away 2) DO NOT even consider putting a piece of BIG RED GUM in your mouth. (I did this to try to get rid of the chemo taste - big mistake - talk about the fires of hell....)

Wishing you success in getting rid of those sores,


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