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my mom

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My mom got diagnosed in november 2009. Outlook was fair, it was stage 3. Chemo didn't help so they couldn't remove the stomach, then they bypassed her stomach so she could start eating again but in a matter of days the bypass was closed up by the cancer. Now the doctors say its just a matter of weeks. I feel so anxious and depressed, i'm only 19 and me and my mom were really close.

Is there anything that can be done? she can't eat, and she is very sick. She can barely walk. Also have you ever heard of someone recovering from a situation like this?

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Hi, I am really sorry to hear about your mom. how long did she do chemo? if so, what are the alternatives the doctors are giving? stage 3 is still treatable, so not exactly sure what happened. was it contained? is so, they should have operated and cut out out, the followed by chemo. all cancers are diff, but stage 3 is still very hopeful.

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I'm 25 and my mom also has stomach cancer - also diagnosed in Nov 09. My advice is to just be with her, learn from her, and listen to her as much as you can. Whatever makes her happy, if you can provide it, do it. Miracles do happen. I pray a lot, and encourage my mom to eat and exercise. Try to take her to get some fresh air as much as you can. The doctors can only provide a general estimate. Don't give up hope and take advantage of every single day.

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