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Over two years into treatment and it finally happened

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Some of you may find this disturbing so don't read it.

I haven't had a complete evacuation bowel movement since my colectomy 22 months ago. I've come close, but a complete bowel movement for me usually occurs in 2-3 stages. I'm pretty sure this was caused by the primary tumor being located half in the sigmoid and half in the rectum. The last couple of months have been exciting for me, because things are starting to settle down. A few days ago I almost experienced a complete evacuation friday but I had a follow-up visit.

Something else I haven't done is go in my pants. I've come damn close but have always managed to get to a toilet. I don't count the times I went septic and went all over the bathroom. I got as far as I could and never had pants on.

Today, while driving I killed two birds with one stone. I had a complete evacuation in my pants. Thankfully, I was alone and had nowhere to be. I was about 15 minutes from my house and was given no warning of my impending disaster. In fact, I had just recently been in a convenience store and had no urge to go whatsoever. But, inevitably the tide changed too quickly for me. I passed some gas, the a little more. Then I felt a tiny rumble. Still, I didn't expect what was to come. Without warning, and without any struggle, I messed myself. I couldn't believe it, I didn't even have time to try and hold it back. I turned around and I went back to my house. The trip was uncomfortable but I knew no one was home. I felt like I could handle this situation. After a few minutes of driving, I noticed that, I didn't have to go again. So I was happy that I had finally evacuated in one go, but when I got to my house, there were a bunch of people there. My talky neighbor was there and a few of his friends were fishing. Of course, he runs up to the truck as soon as I get there. I told him to go away. I made up some BS about not being able to speak or socialize until after dark on Easter. I parked in my front yard, with the water hose between me and our house door. I stripped behind my truck and hosed myself, then went in for a shower.

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happen to me since I now have a bag but before I found out I had a tumor,and even while undergoing chemo and radiation before surgery, I didn't know if I was gonna pass gas, liquid or solid and the possibility of having to go dictated my life, whether and when I felt safe to leave my apartment.....Anticipating, observing, examining bowel movements isn't gross when it matters what comes out, especially if you've had a colostomy, I think.
And if you miss a day or two,you really start to worry....

Good thing, John, you don't have to wait for a slow elevator to get to your apartment when you gotta go bad (which now for me means urinate)or clean up without being seen by others....steve

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I had chemo this week. Never have I had diarrhea during chemo week. I never have diarrhea. It's always been the exact opposite where I have to take laxatives to even think about going.

Friday night, I already had 3 full BM's. At 2 in the freakin' AM, my stomach starts to growl. I sleep nekkid, so this helped, but I ran to the master bathroom and still made a total mess of the bathroom. I mean TOTAL mess. I messed on the two rugs plus the walls. Don't ask me how... I don't know. I crawl in the shower to shower off, I clean up my mess and go back to bed. It's about 3 in the morning now. Towels and rugs in the washer. Thankfully, Dave is still sleeping. I start to feel it again. What the heck is going on? I got to the commode. Nothing. Hemorrhoids are acting up. I run a hot tub of water to soak. I get in, the hot water is helping with bum relief. I think I have gas... nope. I empty the tub, scrub it out, go back to bed at about 4 after taking two immodium. I was thankful that everyone was still asleep.

Your BM's sound a lot like mine. It's like a 2-3 stage thing for me, too. It also sounds like your tumor was located where mine was.

I love where I can talk about poo. It's so relieving that nothing is off bounds here.

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funny things happened after Easter dinner at a friends house tonight - he was showing off an invention of his (not ready for the market yet), a kind of ostomy bag early warning sensor. He and I had been talking about poo, my situation specifically for some time and he thought he might be able to come up with something to help warn me of impending doom. Well, since an appliance was on the table (a clean one, part of the demonstration for his invention), the guests had all kinds of questions, much to the horror of my wife. Now they think I am some kind of poo knowledge god. It was too funny. We spent more than an hour talking about poo right after Easter dinner.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your accident - how embarrassing. I think we all have that fear of pooping in our car; or some other terribly inconvenient place. But since you've "been there done that" - I have to ask....were you able to get the car cleaned up sufficiently to get rid of the smell? Seriously - this is one of those things I wonder about - what if I poop in my car? I know I can clean up me and my clothes - but what about the seat - the floor mats - the carpet?

I remember one time I was driving home with my then 5 year old daughter and she had to pee. So I started to speed; bad idea. I got pulled over for speeding. By some miracle, we got out of the ticket - but my daughter peed in the car. I don't remember exactly how I got it all cleaned up - but the car didn't stink. Not sure I'd have such success with #2.

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John. Please don't take this wrong but, I haven't laughed so hard in about a month. I thought you were telling us an uplifting story, then came the " two birds with one stone " line. I almost $hit myself laughing.

I can relate to going in two or three stages (or four or five). I'm almost a year and a half out from surgery and hope my BM's get back to some sort of normalcy soon.

Like my brother-in-law always says " There's nothing funnier than a fart ".


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As sad as it was, your post did make me laugh. I can relate... I've had accidents like that two different times and many, many near misses where I barely made it to a bathroom in time (I became aquainted with the Jack in the Boxes around the county- they have single toilet bathrooms). One time we were on a family outing and I felt the horrible rumbling and knew what was coming- my girls were standing outside the restroom in a Jack in the Box waiting for me and I could hear several women outside the door getting angry because I was taking so long. Finally, when I opened the door- I quickly said to them, "I'm so sorry- I'm sick" I got a few dirty looks, then just beelined out to the car again, not looking back. We then had to drive straight home & it was an hour drive with me quite uncomfortable and embarrassed. Awful, I know! I experienced these accidents while I was getting radiation on the rectal tumor a while back and then again from the irinotecan in Folfiri until I got myself a prescription strength anti-diahrrea medicine.
No fun- one day you'll look back and laugh, but I know how mortifying it can be.

Hang in there & get yourself some Lomotil to prevent that in the future.


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Kerry S
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Welcome To the “I crapped in my pants” club. John, it has only happened to me once. That is enough.

I think the vibration of my chain saw must have just hit the right frequency. You just have to laugh about it like you did. What I said about it when it happened to me is not appropriate for print.

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I am so sorry ....I think we can all relate....never has happened but close....very close....I know that ....I think this is a fart But????? feeling

I get that feeling in yoga class....oh good grief! can you picture that????whoops


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I even crapped in my class (teacher). That was bad. Thank goodness, only one student was there at the time (prep period) so I ran out. Worst was when it happened at a wedding. Only two stalls for about 200 people. I ran in front of the line with people yelling at me. After I had to go to Mervyn's to get new underwear. I went back to the wedding and danced the rest of the night away. I now carry a small back pack with me where ever I go. It has all needed supplies with me. It's no fun to crap in the pants, but hey! We're alive to tell about it an that's good!

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Not crapping my pants was just a little victory that I had claimed for myself, now I can't claim it anymore but, I honestly would trade a mess in my pants for the ability to go in one shot. Which seems to be the way things are moving. As for the clean up. It was a snap. I have leather seats, but it didn't matter. I was wearing gore-tex shorts. They're waterproof and also pooproof. I had zero leakage. I just turned my shorts inside out and hosed them clean.

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I had several accidents involving uncontrolable BM,

The worst was one day last year, I had just come home from Atlanta ( hour and half drive) I was driving a someone elses truck, anyways I barely made it home got out of the truck so fast that i accidently locked my keys in the truck, i ran behind the barn and yanked my pants down just in time to pooh, Then I cleaned up as best i could, called the sherrifs dept, to help me get into the truck to get my key so I could get into the house. I called the sherrif because I live out a country road and i knew they would respond faster than a lock smith, I had to explain to the operator/dispatch my problem before they would send someone out, she kept on asking if this was an emergency, Yes I said its a medical emergency, I need to get into my house to pooh I have cancer, (she really did not understand, It took a full explaination of the whole situation,) she finally agreed to call a tow truck( they do lock outs in our county). When they arrived it was two big burrly men, and needless to say I was a mess, They were really nice, and unlocked my car and They didnot even ask to be paid, they were really nice,( or maybe they just wanted to get away from the pooh covered lady I don't know).

I had it happen coming up from the workshop, which is ok since my coveralls are pooh proof,

Showered with all clothes, so they could be washed out too.

I have an ileostomy for now but, but the appliances fail in the most unconvient places, the other day I was at Zaxbsy, ( chicken resturant) and as I was my taking my tray to the table the bag filled to capasity and the clip came loose, pooh/liquid all down my leg, I just drop the tray and left, not looking at anyone.

And the list goes on, I am happy for you your getting back to normal, I know that when i get my reversal I will have to learn the signs of pooh all over again and i am sure i will have experiences like yours,

So where do you get these Gor-tex shorts?

Live, Laugh, Play

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Okay that is just cool. If my husband knew about these he'd want them just because....well, just because! Did you buy these just for the um, "protection"? I'd never thought of that. I'm going to have to post that idea on the UOAA web-site for those of us who have had ileostomy reversals - pooping our pants is a common problem there for sure.

Where do you buy gore-tex shorts? REI?

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In the spring and summer, I almost always wear gore-tex shorts or pants. I try to spend as much time on the boat or golf course as possible. Soon, it will be raining here almost every afternoon, and I can expect heavy dew every morning and evening. Years ago I got tired of getting wet britches and shoes every time I sat down or walked in the grass. So I just started buying gore-tex everything. I haven't been without gore-tex shoes in years, they are super handy and I wear them everyday. I prefer Merrell, but I bought a pair of Keen this last time. I would recommend either. The gore-tex shorts are more tricky. I've picked them up here and there over the years and they are usually pricey but I like a dry bottom. Bass Pro Shop usually has some, Cabella's every now and then. But the pair I was wearing came from the Salvation Army. I was shocked when I found them and even more shocked when they had been marked down to $1. Dry Joy also makes an excellent line of waterproof clothing. I have several pair of pants and shorts. I have one gore-tex polo shirt that I won as a door prize. It has an XM Radio logo on it. It is lined with a fantastic blend of cotton. The shirt is perfect for a hot south carolina summer day. I've tried to find out where to get other shirts like it but no luck.

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