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Happy Easter

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Hi, I just found this network today. I want to wish all survivors a Happy Easter. I had my surgery, radiation, and chemo in late 2007. I just had a PET scan that shows everything is still cancer free!!! It's still hard not to worry before each 6 month PET scan. My new theme song is "I'm Alive" by Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews. It's main theme is everyday is a blessing can't you see. I'm an almost 61 year old grandmother and I'm so thankful to be alive. Like most of you that I've read, getting to the toilet in time is still a problem sometimes. I just got back from a walk with my dog and had to put in a load of wash. You must keep a sense of humor through all of this. I have found I still have low back pain and hip pain. I never thought of it being from the radiation till I read comments here. I am so glad there is a place to discuss anal cancer with others with it.

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So glad you have found this site and congrats on the great PET scan results! I am always very encouraged when I hear from someone who is over 2 years past treatment. I am inching up on 19 months post-treatment myself. The bowel problems are something many of us deal with and I guess the only solution to that is to learn to deal with it. I have found that diet has a very significant effect on how my bowels act. For the most part, I do well in eating the right foods, but sometimes I eat something that does not agree. Here's wishing you continued good health and great results on all future follow-ups!

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Hi, Charlotte,

Glad you found this site. Happy Easter to you too. Good for you and your good Pet Scan, as Martha said it is very encouraging to see survivors far out from treatment doing well. I completed treatment 6-30-09 and will have my next pet-ct in May. I show NED. I will get nervous before my pet-ct I'm sure just like my 3 month exams. I still have occasional bathroom issues, but I'm pretty much back to normal. Like Martha said it depends on what you eat. I wish you well. Lori

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Congratulations on the clean PET scan. It's wonderful that you have joined us and can provide us a look at the future.

A friend sent me an e-card for Easter that appropriately said "Happy Keester!" It was a picture of 4 little toddlers with their backsides turned to the camera. Their plump bums were painted up like Easter Eggs. I thought that might be a fun look for me to try out on a future doctors appt. Would love to see the doctor's face after I "drop trou"!

Best wishes,


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Chris please post the picture of the expression on the drs face.

Thanks for making me laugh. Lori

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Isn't that funny what the doctors DON'T tell us? I only found out my hip pain was from radiation when I happened to mention it at one of my follow up visits with my radiologist. I was having such a hard time sleeping. I swear I learn more on these discussion boards. Unfortunately, when I was diagnosed in April of 08, I had no info about this site. I am a 3X survivor now! Love to read other success stories! My surgeon asked me the other day if I was seeing a counselor, my boyfriend replied....YEAH she talks to several every day on CSN!!! I told him that was true, and how talking to others who have been through it is much more beneficial than a counselor!

Congrats on your recent scans! Cheers to many more years!!!!

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