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Sweating in the head while eating

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Hi all,
I am 3 months post radiation and chemo for NPC. My taste buds haven't fully returned yet. When I eat my head is sweating profusely, especially if the food has a little taste that is too strong for me (sour, spicy). This condition happens even during cold days. Anyone has similar experience?

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I had some of the same problems at first almost needed a towel to dry the hair in my head it was so wet, don’t know what is the cause for it but in time it went away.

Take care my friend I hope and pray you continue to do well

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Joined: Jan 2010

Thanks for your answer Hondo. It is good to know that I am not alone and that the process of healing is normal. - Frank -

Kent Cass
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The thing I've noticed, more than the skull sweating and being persuaded to take my hat off when eating, is the cold I feel in my body below my neck, post-meal. Almost clockwork- the cold that follows the meal. Reckon it's the thyroid thing. You experience a cold feeling in your upper-body, waist to the shoulders?


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I do not experience the cold that follows the meal. Just the sweat.

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Do't know what NPC is, but I do know that many parotidectomy patients (spit gland) develop Frey's Syndrome on neck and cheek - also known as gustatory sweating - don't know igf that's connected for you.

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HI Kaylee,

NPC = Nasopharyngeal cancer. Basically cancer occurring in the mouth, nose and pharynx area.

Also am curious if you have regain any Saliva ?? if so, when and how. I am getting Acupuncture now and seem to be getting some improvement. I will start a separate thread on this soon to report progress.


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