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might get a choice

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Good news or bad not sure yet DR says ca in colon has grew again so took me off chemo for now . I get CT Pet scan done Thurs and following Thurs find out if it has spread anywhere else DR said that the spot in my lungs was stable last CT scan but since the one in colon grew that meant chemo is not working. So he said if it hasnt spread anymore he will want to see about surgery to remove bothe spots. or go on different chemo the oxiploton?
spelling not too good on that sorry has anyone else had the option also why would surgery not be the option until now ?thanks for any info


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Sheri, I know you had Stage II a while back and didn't have chemo, correct? Did you have surgery back then?

Stage IV: Did you have another colon resection? Was this rectal cancer?

Grew back in colon!!??!! That is VERY odd if it was removed and they got clear margins.

Sheri, my first thought is .... change doctors!

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Diane yes I did have stage II a few years back I did do the maintance chemo then and it did clear up it was high risk then But it was my mistake after I had to give up my insurance which was too high with deductibles I quit going I had asked DR if he would still take me without insurance he said of course but once I had it gone I thought that was it. My fault. Yes I did have surgery back then for the stage II When stage IV was diagnosed this time with mets to lungs he said no surgery my CEA was 125 last Jan now it is 16 it was staying between 10-12 the one in the lung shrank and he is hoping the PET scan will show no more spreading just that spot in colon has growen, I cant blame my DR

most people have had good results going to him and he was treating me befor I got medicade so he is decent It is really odd my blood work except for CEA has been really good no it wasnt rectal ca . normally I would agree with changing DRS but he has been good with me and some other people I know as far as treatments and some have been NED with him I just dont understand some of this right now thanks for any info


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I can't offer you any really good advice, but I wanted to say that I'll be praying for you.


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I am sorry you are going through this. You are in my thoughts + I am wishing you good results, whichever option (surgery or chemo) is chosen.

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