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Excision Groin Lymph Node

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In one way I feel bad even posting here because I don't know yet if I even have cancer, so I probably shouldn't even be bothering you. But, I am really scared. I went to the Dr. with a swollen groin lymph I had for quite some time. He did my blood work which came back fine - then said he would send me to a surgeon for a biopsy if it was still there in three months.

Two weeks later, I went to my gyne for a pap smear and he was much more concerned. He did an ultra sound on my ovaries that day ( all good), mammagram (haven't heard) and referred me to a surgeon in two days.

I saw the surgeon and in the meantime another one has popped up beside it about the same size - but again - the other one has been there a long time. He told me they both need to come out and scheduled it for 5 days later. He also told me that most of the time when it is cancer it is under your arms as well and he didn't feel anything under my arms.

I have gone from one extreme to the other. At one time, I thought if it is not cancer - why am I even doing this (getting the nodes out) - then I looked on the internet and found out some people did start with groin lumps.

I am 56 and I have been unusually fatigued at times and nauseated but I have very bad migranes which have been more frequent so I have attributed it to that. Probably it is that.

I would really appreciate any and all input from those of you with experience.


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I don't know how much I can help but I will try. Your concerns are valid and don't feel badly about asking as everyone on here has been in similar situations and are always willing to help. My lymphoma showed up as a lump in my neck just above the collarbone. It was painless and not extremely hard. The MD at my work thought for sure it was a fatty cyst as did my primary MD but, and here is where I have the question,she ordered a CAT scan just to be sure. The area lit up on the scan and the next step was the biopsy that confirmed the lymphoma. Have they not
mentioned a scan for you?

PS: I did not have any areas under my arms, my blood work was normal and had no other symptoms. That however was me and it could be just fine for you but I think the scan is protocol.

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I appreciate you getting back to me. None of the Dr.'s mentioned a scan. Was the biopsy very painful? They haven't told me much about it - other than I won't be able to drive or do much for about a week because of where they are taking the nodes out in the groin. I'm not as worried about that as I the results. Can swollen nodes be other cancers besides lymphoma?

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Just want to answer your post. I am 64 and I was 58 when I was first diagnosed. I had a swelling on my neck and then inside my left cheek. But the dr thought it was some infection so he treated me with antibiotics for a month.
Then when it did not clear up he sent me to a ENT dr. He did a needle biobsy and it came back clear. And by the way my blood work has always been good.
Well then he said it had to come out on my neck and my cheek. Sure was scared too.
Well once it was out the diagnosis was Non-hodgkins lymphoma. and I did 20 radiation treatments. I was home free for almost 5 years, one week away.
My other side started swelling in my right cheek. Not my neck but went to an ent dr again and he took it out and took out 3 nodules in my neck on the right side. Only now it went to my bone marrow and turned out to be stage 4.
So last year I did 8 rounds of chemo and did a radio active treatment on Dec 23rd. Ohter then my blood work dropping pretty low. I seem to be doing ok. My scan a month ago was ok.
Now I am doing another scan June 2nd. I think taking it out is the best thing you can do. Hope I did not bore you. Just want you to know that the best thing you can do is have it taken out.
I wish you the very best.

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You have really been through the treatments. I pray your next scan is all good. I am really nervous about all this.

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Hi Sylvia,

Please don't ever feel bad about posting here as we all have been where you currently are and we all want to help. I know for me waiting for tests and than the test results are the worst.

My lymphoma presented in my upper and lower abdomen and were not palpable until they were pushing on my pancreas. They were first picked up on an ultra sound, than further seen on a CT scan followed by a CT guided biopsy. But as my doctor explained, you can not diagnois with a CT, only a biopsy, but everyone was sure I had lymphoma. CTs will show you nodes that can't be felt. He also said there is no reason to remove more than one node as if it is lymphoma treatment will take care of all other cancerous nodes. I have had my NHL twice in the last 2 years and have not had any swollen nodes in my underarms.

I think you may want to speak with your doctors so you can get a better understanding of what they are looking for and what will happen during the biopsy. And to ask them about a CT scan as like Mary I thought that was pretty standard lymphoma procedure.

I'll be sending good thought and prays your way. Please let us know when your procedure is schd for. And let us know the results when you get an opportunity.


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I appreciate you getting back to me. I am scheduled for Tuesday and I understood him to say he was taking both of the swollen right groin nodes out. Only one of them has been like this for a long time. I sure would like for them to do a cat scan first as my mind has been working a little overtime on what this could be. I think I will try to talk to him tomorrow.

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Hi Sylvia,
I found a lump on my right groin. My primary care Dr sent me to a surgeon and the node was removed and biopsied. It was out patient day surgury with slight discomfort. A week later I was to have CAT scans, PET scan and bone marrow Confirmed NHL without bone marrow involement. I did not know until after the CAT scan that my left Kidney was shutting down because of the swollen nodes. I went through six sessions of chemo and after the third session was re-scanned and all of my nodes were normal and the cancer was in remission. I am now three years cancer free and thank God for every day. We all understand your fears because the waiting is the worse. Early detecting is huge but hopefully your biopsy will be negitive. Good Luck and God Bless. We are here for you.

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My BUN/Creatinine score was high the last couple of times in my blood work which I understand is kidneys but no one has ever expressed concern. I guess in some cases they choose to do the biopsy first and the CAT scan later? I do wish the Dr.'s would talk a little (or a lot) more but maybe they think it would just worry the patient needlessly. I really apppreciate you being here and this board.

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I only had lumps in my left groin at first. I went through 3 rounds of antibiotics for infected lymph nodes and a 3 month wait. The biopsy wasn't bad although I was sore for a few days and couldn't lift anything for a while. The worst was the waiting.

Hang in there, you'll be fine. The biopsy is the right thing to do. If it shows cancer, they'll do more scans after they get results. This is a terrifying time for you and I can relate...it took 2 weeks to get my biopsy results when they sent them to Mayo for a second opinion. It was truly the worst time of my life.

I did chemo first, then when it came back we watched it for about 9 months then did radiation. Mine did come back and moved to my armpit, lung and a spot close to my spine. I am doing rituxan now just started maintenance this last week, which I will do for a couple of years. It's ok. Lymphoma is very treatable although a very frustrating experience since my kind likes to come back. I am having more trouble at this point with an insufficiency fracture from my radiation weakening the bone. I am 45 years old and walking like an old woman while this heals. My onc added reclast to help strengthen my bones which I hope helps speed up the healing. I admit, I am afraid it's trying to move to my bones even though my onc doesn't think it is. I go for another scan the end of May to see if the rituxan has done it's job with the 3 spots but it won't answer the question about the bone thing. My onc says that the pet scan will light up where the bone is healing so we won't know if it's lymphoma or just the healing causing it. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the healing thing LOL.

Take care honey...it'll be ok. You'll do fine. Give yourself a break, it's natural to worry and the biopsy is necessary. Just enjoy the help your family will do while you watch them do the dishes, the cooking and the cleaning! Go sit on the front porch and enjoy the springtime weather!!

Take care,

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Thanks, Beth! You are very strong - I hope & pray it hasn't moved to your bones and you are healing. The Dr. ended up taking out three groin lumps but told my family it looked benign. He said we should get the results in 3 to 4 days. I can't even imagine what you went through waiting for 2 weeks. I do wonder why he took out three nodes when it doesn't sound necessary.

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The subject of this response to your posting is the important thing for you to understand, it was for me. I am a 20 year survivvor of NHL and that point was made to me by an oncologist and it's a good one to keep in mind, especially at your stage of having those nodes investigated. Even if you symptoms are the same as someone else it doesn't mean you will have it too.

Having said that I also want to take exception to what that doc/person said about if you have groin lumps probably have to have armpit lumps too for it to be cancer isn't very accurate. I had a lump start in the groin area and none anywhere else and it was biopsied, well the whole node was removed actually, and it was NHL. Maybe it's more common to have them in both places, I don't know, but I have known plenty of NHL patients who have had it only in the one place, but again you could be different and the node is nothing.

Fatigue is a big one with NHL in the beginning and I ignored it because I had a young active son so he was enough to make any Mom tired but when I got that groin lump I went right in and my GP immediately booked me with a surgeon and he took it out within a week. It was NHL. It was diagnosed quickly and I went through regular treatments and localized radiation and it did come back in less than 2 years at which time I opted for a bone marrow transplant and total body radiation. But here I am 20 years later.

Try to take it one step at a time but my last advice would be to push for the lymph nodes to be removed and biopsied ASAP, I think you have waited long enough.

Do let us know how it all goes and try to not worry but I know that's much easier said than done. Blessings, Bluerose

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