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Wow after nine years of being with this site with some voids of time due to living the life. It is nice to see this board being used after all, knowing that there is something to surrounding ourselves with those most like us.
I moved away from my family and childhood friends. I had already moved from my small town to the big city knowing then that I needed to be around people like me something I wouldn't find in my red necked windy city. I had a son who needed to know that there were others out there like him, with a mother who had girlfriends. I tried the married thing long before coming out of the closet, never wanting to be gay. Somehow we have to be proud of ourselves at the end of the day.
After 7 years of fighting for life I found that there was this light at the end of my tunnel, though hard to see, most of the time. Now after working hard and finally knowing what it was like to feel WELL again, something I obviously hadn't had most of my adult life. Now back here trying to get through the days of wonderment, one is reminded of how fortunate it is to come to this place and lay the worry and fear.
I am sorry that we all have to face so much but living is truly being able to live in the good and bad.
My partner and I have wasted our time together never really reaching our love potential since battling back. I am so fortunate to have found a partner in this struggling life but you know what it isn't what I had hoped it to be and everyday can be a struggle just staying together. Now more lumps to contend with and poor health something she never did bargon for. We have been through many cancer battles not just my own. Just as we are trying to put our lives back together more hurdles to climb.
I can only remind myself how short life is and try to do something different as difficult as that may be.
Thanks for being here.

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