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Update-my husband has finished all the treatments

Fight for my love
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Hi my dear semi-colon family,

This is really exciting for us.With the 5-fu pump disconnected yesterday afternoon,my husband officially finished all the treatments.

The day before yesterday,all the nurses in cancer center knew it was my husband's last treatment,they gave us a booklet"life after cancer treatment"with their signatures.They cheered for us and also wished us the best.Several other patients who we met many times in cancer center also gave me hugs and said "God bless you",plus "Good luck" to us.That was really sweet and kind of everybody there.It was very touching to me, my eyes were full of tears.We also said lots of thanks to the nurses and oncologist.Deep in my heart I knew we could never thank enough to the medicare team.

The oncologist says all my husband's bloodwork looks fine,this is it,there is no need for further scan.But he will order a colonoscopy soon since my husband's last colonoscopy was at last May.The port removal is scheduled next Tuesday.Then we will see the chemo oncologist in 6 weeks and radiation oncologist next week for follow-up.The oncologist says the follow-up care will be every 3 month for bloodwork for the first year,scan annually for three years.

We hope for nothing but a healthy life ahead.Hopefully the big "C" will stay away from us forever and never come back to knock at our door.The treatment is over,I really think this is a new born life for us.

Thanks to all of you,my semi-colon family.Thanks for the companionship,love,prayers and support you give to us.We can't thank you enough either.Without you guys,I would be a trembling lady in a corner in a country that I bearly know.I have been living in the U.S for 11 months and a half,but we have been battling with cancer for the last 11 months.I hope this is over forever.

Thanks for listening.Wish all of you the best.Take care.

PS:For those newbies who don't know us,this is our story:my husband was diagnosed with stage 2A rectal cancer last May.He did radiation and chemo(5-fu) before surgery,then surgery.The pathology report showed that the tumor got shank by over 90%,and downstaged the cancer to stage 1.He did Folfox for 12 treatments after the surgery.Now he finished all the treatments and everything looks fine.For newly diagnosed people,we did go through lots of physical and emotional issues as everybody did.Chemo,surgery,and radiation are never easy,but as long as you keep going and take one day at a time,you will win this battle with your persistence and courage.

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What great news! That is what we like to hear!
Just knowing he is finished is a big spirit lifter.

Enjoy and celebrate!

Best wishes,

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Your husband has been blessed to have such caring support through it all! Nothing but clear sailing ahead!

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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But yet it seems like a lifetime too!

How thrilling to read your post this morning! I thought back to June 2009 when I first met you....Wow, we've all come down the road and been through so much since then.

I remember the "trembling lady" but I also remember a woman of great strength and courage! Who stood up in a brave, new country, just recently married, with her whole life ahead of her, and then WHAM!

What I will always remember about you, is how you let none of that get you down. You just did what had to be done and you did it with such dignity and grace. We could all take a lesson from you. Your husband is certainly a lucky man to have you by his side during all of this. There would have been plenty of "newlyweds" hittin' the road, but not you. You have amazing strength...and seeing this day happen for the both of you, is one I am glad to see.

During your battle, we have talked about many things and shared many things about ourselves. Cultural differences never mattered and I've found it an amazing experience to get to know you and learn some about your culture - who you are as a person and what things mean to you, from your perspective and background.

The saddest I've been since I've known you, was when your husband was going into surgery - and you were sitting all alone in the waiting room. That hurt me deep inside as I thought no person should ever have to be alone when their loved ones are in surgery. I wanted so much to come to where you are so I could sit with you so you would not have to be alone. But, you came through that with flying colors, though it must not have been easy.

I also remember a PM you sent me telling how you were enjoying "ice cream" listening to "You've Got a Friend" that evening feeling "so happy" - that really made me feel warm and my mind painted this image of a lady sitting on her couch, eating ice cream, with this big smile on her face with the music playing in the background.

I remember your Christmas card - and was fascinated at the cloth and texture of a Chinese card...truly something I treasure and will always keep as a reminder of you.

I've experienced the beauty of watching you transform before my very eyes - turning from that trembling lady to someone of courage and conviction, whose spirit and soul are beautiful.

I wish you and your husband nothing but the best that life can offer you - you got off to a rough start, but now the world is yours - and everything in it! Say Hi to your brother and your family - know they must be very happy for you as well. We are all so proud here to know you and the U.S. needs more good people like you in it.

Thank you for being my friend and my "sister." You and Sonia have got me covered.



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I'm so happy to hear about this girlfriend! Your hubby is one lucky man to have a strong woman like you, I love Craigs post, and can't add much, but he's so right. How hard you've had it since you got here, and hopefully how better now it will get! I'm glad it's almost over with, and look forward to still chatting and seeing how his recuperation is, and how both your lives are now, I am sending warm cyber hugs to you and your hubby, and let this journey be of special places and all, you know you were someone who got him all better ;)


Fight for my love
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Thank you,my brother.Nothing else I can say but "thank you".I love you too.I love all of you.

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That's wonderful! Hope y'all do the naked happy dance all weekend!


Fight for my love
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Thanks to all of you,for your posts.I have never been praised so much,I feel a little shy. I love all of you.Hugsss.

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you deserve the praise. I have read your posts and I think your husband/ your love is one lucky man to have you by his side.

Glad everything is looking good for you.

Best wishes to you both.


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I'm doing the Naked happy dance for you!! Want me to send a DVD? LOL


Fight for my love
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LOL,Naked dancing CD?I am fascinating.LOL

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congrats!!!!! I love to hear these stories.. Good luck and stay healthy


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Wonderful! What a great team you have been. May you enjoy healthy days ahead. Have fun and celebrate!


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moreso as it was so successful....Get on with your lives together; try not looking over your shoulder too often.....Cancer can be defeated........steve

Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009

repeating, it seems)moreso as it was so successful....Get on with your lives together; try not looking over your shoulder too often.....Cancer can be defeated........steve

Fight for my love
Posts: 1530
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Thank you,Steve.You are right,cancer can be defeated.Good point.

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It is so good to hear such wonderful news.


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I'm very happy for all of you!

Fight for my love
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Thanks to everybody.I just want to share the good news with you.Hope everybody is having a good weekend.

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That's great news. Doing the happy dance for you!!

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Congratulations to you + your husband. You really have "fought for your love" + succeeded! Good luck to both of you; enjoy the next chapter in your life together.

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Congrats to both of you. It was a long hard road, but you conquered it!

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We learned today that my husband was cancer-free also. Sounds as if you have made many friends on this website. I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best for the future.

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congrats to both you and your husband. You beat the beast! YEA! Go out and enjoy life but come back and say hi to us

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