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Since getting the Dx from my physician, it has been a roller coaster of emotions; worries, grief, and relief, all bundled up together on a seemingly endless free ride.

I could wait and don’t have to do anything at this stage, but my own unique situation forces me to make a decision and be clear of PC now. I am hopeful that Proton Treatment will do exactly that.

I have to stop worrying about all the uncertainties. If PC rears its ugly head again in the future, I will deal with it in the future.

Right now I have to move on. Right now, I have to take care of it with the least amount of stress on me and my family. I believe Proton Therapy combines an efficacy factor comparable with the other options and the aforementioned objective in mind.

I will be posting each step I take along the way, during the course of my treatment, and the results. I know you will be there, supporting me through it all.

To all of you, brothers-strangers, bonded together by an unfortunate event…from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so very much.

I’ll “see” you around.

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The balloons were not too bad. How are you doing,PSA checks and all?
I'll post updates as I go along.
Take care

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Time flew by, and it has been over a year since my treatment ended at Loma Linda. I have had two blood tests since.
My post treatment PSA was 4.91. My first blood test indicated it at 2.21, that was last December 2010. Second test was at 2.55, it went up by about .30. My next test is in January, hopefully the upward trend will reverse itself.
Observed side effects, greatly diminished ejaculate, peeing seems unnaturally "low pressure" in the morning but becomes normal after that. Zero bleeding, no ED, no pain.
I'm currently working and leaving overseas. I'll post more later. I just want to say hello to everyone out there.
Please feel free to ask me questions about my proton experience. Thanks folks. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!

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Just wanted to say that my 1 yr results w/CyberKnife (CK) are similar to yours.

My pre-treatment PSA was around 4.5 but has only dropped to around 3 since treatment w/CK. The side effects you've observed for yourself are also similar for me.

And, like you, I also hope that the PSA level will drop further. Many men report post radiation treatment PSA levels below 1 w/in 3-6 months following treatment and research suggests that a reassessment of the status of the cancer (via biopsy, MRI, CAT, bone scan, etc) is advisable, if our PSA test results do not drop to that level 2 years after treatment (which is just 1 more year for us).

Good luck!

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I realuze it’s been over 6 years since nc your proton treatment at Loma Linda. I’m close to embarking on that path and very ntetestd about your after eff st now six years later. 

i appreciate your reply.



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Probabl best for you to start a new thread

click discussion board above, then click "add new forum topic" upper left corner under discussion boards


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