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Modified Citrus Pectin

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Hi All,

I had forgotten about this supplement till recently and started to take a dose a day. I was prescribed this not long after I had started treatment but found I could not take it due to the pain but It is fine now that I am over the post Tx burning.

Curious if anyone else has been using it or heard much about it. Certainly worth a look and I have pasted here a site from Life Extension .org. for your information. There were quite a few posts on this on the Colorectal forum of CSN.

This stuff reportedly can work to prevent Metastatic Cancer. There is plenty of good information in the attached link + you can google it.

As I am taking a 'Shotgun' approach to this disease, I see this as a few more good pellets in my cartridges, both barrels firing.



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I have been reading up on this stuff and was surprised to fine that even MD Anderson was doing a study on it in one of there alternative treatment programs, I ordered some just to see.

Thanks for the post my friend

Kent Cass
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Once again, you provide invaluable information on something that might help, and for us to keep in mind. Thank you.


friend of Bill
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Appreciate the tip. Where do you find it? What other alternative ammo do you use?


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Hi Vince,

You can click on my name and go to 'Expressions' and see a list of supplements I take. I have also used Homeopathics, Acupuncture and colonics, all of which I believe have helped.

I bought my MCP in Hong Kong at a Natural Therapies Clinic but I'm sure you can find it online or at any major Vitamin -Health Supplements outlet.


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