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Celebrating the end of chemo

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Tina Brown
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Hiya everyone

I just thought I'd up-date you on my progress. Last Friday I had my LAST carbo/taxol infusion (I HOPE it is my last!!!!! It will be for now - don't know what the future holds, too scared to hope it is the LAST for ever) Anyway my CA125 from # 5 was 70 & I am just waiting to find out my "baseline" number from this last chemo.

As I turned 50 last month I am having a big party to celebrate my birthday and the end of chemo. My son's girlfriend has been wonderful as she doing all of the planning and room decorations. It is going to look amazing. Because I so love dressing up I decided on a "James Bond" theme so all the ladies can wear their long evening dresses and the men will wear tuxedos.

I am still feeling exhausted but am so looking forward to dressing up (even though I have gained a stone in weight & my dress just about fits!!!) I can't wait to see and be amongst my friends who have always been there supporting me along this frightening journey.

I wish I could invite all of you wonderful ladies who have been such a god send to me during these long dark days. In all seriousness, if any of you are able to get to the UK next week I would welcome you with open arms.

Lots of love & the very best wishes Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS I will be trying on some false eyelashes for the evening !!!!!!! and will definately wear my wig ha ha

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Sound wonderful!! What a theme! I hope you have a great time. I'm sure we'll be with you in spirit. Congrats on the end of chemo.

I always found it easier to have someone else apply my false eyelashes. Take pictures.

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Tina Brown
Posts: 1054
Joined: Nov 2009

My son's girlfriend is going to put my lashes on. I will take loads of photos but there is no where to post them on here. I am on facebook and you are welcome to view my profile. Tina Brown Nottingham - thats where you'll find me.

Many thanks Saundra thinking about you and hoping you are comfortable & not in too much pain.

Tina xxxxxxxxx

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I will be sipping ice chips in your honor. Have a wonderful celebration. You are a joy to us on this board. Hugs across the sea.....Saundra

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I will drink a frozen Margarita in your honor. He he he he he....

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Great idea Carlene--I will drink my glass of red wine in honor of your birthday!

I can't wait to see the photographs on Facebook!




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To kept in the theme....I will have a martini...shaken not stirred.
Have a wonderful time!
(((HUGS))) Joan

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oh, Tina!!

What wonderful news!! I DO wish I were in the UK so I could be at your fabulous party!!
Soooo much fun to dress up, isn't it? (I get to dress up the end of May on a cruise ship!)

I, myself just found out that I'm in remission, too!! After 4 rounds of chemo in the last 3 1/2 years, my CT is clear, and my CA is at 6.1 (it was also 6.1 last month, too! And yes, I did call to make sure it wasn't a mistake! :-)

It's a very rough road; and so wonderful to make it across the "finish line"; but I too have to wonder "will it really be my last?" So that's our DAILY AFFIRMATION!

Keep smiling and saying to yourself "I am in remission. I am cancer-free". We have to think that way... then it becomes mind over matter.

Now I just hope that every single lady on this site reaches the 'finish line' once again as we have. It take perseverance, determination, and attitude. And a LOT of hope & Faith in God & our Angels to help guide & heal us all.

Have the Happiest Birthday EVER!!! *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY,TINA!! ***

~Susan p.s. and I think I might just get some eyelashes, too!! :-)

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Happy Birthday and have a wonderful celebration! It sounds like such fun to get all dolled up! Annie

btw, I lived in Nottingham when I was a kid :-) Have always wanted to make a trip back and check out the old places, one of my sisters was born there and she did make the trip.

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What a great birthday celebration: end of chemo and a super cool party. I am into the melon flavored martini, I'll have one..two..three...burb...hehehe...in your honor. Congratulations Tina! I'll check out your facebook too.

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And Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful evening celebrating,

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Happy birthday Tina. I wish I could be there i will drink a malt in your honor realdrinks not tastin that great right now. In the words of Bogie "Here's lookin at you kid"



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Congratulations Tina,

Hip, hip hooray for you!

Aren't you just estastic? I know I am, yes I hope you have taken time out for yourself
now and just do Tina.

I'll be soo glad when I can join you in that celebration. Oh yes and a final note.

I STILL can't believe you are even 50! :-D



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Dear Tina,

I hope your celebration is all you hope for! I love the theme, and would love to see the outfits.

You should be able to post more pictures on your profile page, unless that's been changed!


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I hope you post some photos or a link to some from your party!

I'm still thinking about it since reading it the other day....

:) such a fun idea!!!


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I am so happy for you and wish we could all celebrate with you! take care

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Happy Birthday, Tina....... being done with chemo, also.. sounds like a happy, new beginning to me. Can't wait to see the photos.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Tina Brown
Posts: 1054
Joined: Nov 2009

Thank-you so much to all of you lovely lovely kind ladies for your wishes and hugs. It is just so wonderful how women ar able to support each other really well and I can hoestly say these boards have kept me sane and have given me hope everytime I come on.

Thats an idea. I can have a second birthday (just like our queen) the day I am given my baseline CA 125 will be my second (and more importantly) birthday :)

I will find a way to post photos. If not they will be on facebook. I am a friend of Leesa and Susan now. I will certainly change my profile.

I will have a cocktail and make a silent toast to all of my ladies on this board and offer up a prayer or a wish to my guardian angel to bring you some peace and luck.

Loves Tina xxxx

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