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New here

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I just found this site, been looking for a place to tell my story.
In 1970 at the age of 10 65lbs.(I was small for my age) it was determined that I had medulla blastoma, doubleing in size each week.I was only sick for 1 week before being hospitalised. At that time it took 2 weeks and a dozen doctors to determine what my problem was. by then I had to be sedated 24 hrs. a day! Then I was put on an ambulance (No helecopters at that time) and driven 100 miles to Dallas, Texas, the nearest hospital that could perform the surgery I needed.
The O.R. was ready and awaiting my arrival.
After my release (down to 35lbs. at age 10) every Doctor who saw my records and me, told my parents that I would not live to see age 11, even after a series of Cobalt treatments,
"no Chemotherapy"
Well I am still here today, working as an OTR Truck driver.

Been wanting to talk to parents of children, to say miracles do happen!
I am Living Proof

I have not been back to a doctor for a related problem since I finished the Cobalt treatments.
I did 1 checkup 3 weeks after release with the neurosurgeon, then he died "cancer"

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wow! well done you!
just proves miracles DO happen!

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