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A Little April Foolish Diversion

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This Too Shall Pass

Rob; in Vancouver

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WOW, it really looked to be in "real time" but how could they get all of that right??? Thanks for posting Rob!

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Last night i was picking up my 16 year old from her boyfriends, ( he lives in a hilly neighborhood)( i drive a prius)
It was about 10pm

I told my son to call her and tell her we were getting close.
He called her and told her we had broken down at the bottom of the hill and we could see his house she was going to have to get jumper cables and help us out.

She was annoyed and got her boyfriend and they began walking down the street to find us, h
my son called her back and angry like asked her "where are you we caan see his house but not you," she said put mom on the phone and when i got on the phone with her ( it was at thaat momment we entered the neighborhood and rounded a corner, i saw her so i kept on driving, i told her excitedly," Morgan where are you we really need help," she told me to calm down or she'll stop looking for me, "oh hold on I am about to be hit by a car" I about lost it because that car was me, Her boyfriend jumped in the ditch to avoid my car, as we rolled down the window and yelled April fools as we drove by them,(they were never in danger of being hit by my car)

It was so funny we just about peed our pants.

We teased her all night, "oh wait I am about to hit by a car" We realy had her fooled

Live Laugh Play

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thinks for sharing. being a father of 3 daughters would have loved to seen boyfriend dive in the ditch LOL.

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Thanks Penny...
You had a fun night!
Greybeard... I have 3 daughters too! One of them is a Morgan.

TTFN... Rob; in Vancouver

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I have one daughter, I don't know how you two can manage three - shotguns I am guessing (as in I have a shotgun, a shovel and an acre of land, be afraid, be very afraid - worked for my daughter's BFs).

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Wow, Rob- thanks for sharing- that was really quite amazing to watch and imagine how it was all done!!


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