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Has anyone used Sutent

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We are running out of options for me. My doctor is suggesting we go outside the box a bit and try Sutent, which has worked to stop other cancers but is not approved for uterine cancer. So my insurance company won't pay for it and a month's supply is a couple thousand US$. I told him I could afford one month and that would tell us if it was working or not, but if it turns out that it is working I can't afford to keep putting out that money. Since I have lumps popping out over my like flowers in the the spring (at least that is what is happening here in this flowery part of Virginia).

So, I wondered if anyone had tried it and if so what results. Thanks as always for your feedback

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Sorry you are to the point of trying this new drug. It sounds very expensive. Does the drug company that makes Sutent offer any assistance in paying for the drug? (I looked up the drug and Pfizer First Resource Service offers assistance for acquiring the drug). What about the American Cancer Society offering any assistance? Good luck in making your decision. It would be very hard to know the drug works, and then not be able to afford to continue taking it. In peace and caring.

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I would do an appeal to the insurance company. tell them that Serous uterine cancer is very much like ovarian and treated the same. (If that's what you have). Also tell them that this drug is working. That may help. The Doctor may need to get on the phone and try. Another option would be a clinical trial if you could find one; they often pay for the medication.

I have heard of family members who went to insurance companies and told them if they did not approve a drug that was working they would sue if they're loved one died. Not the way any of us want to approach this problem but apparently it sometimes helps. we certainly need health reform; this is a perfect example.

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