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Colonoscopy prep with Gatorade is great

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Kerry S
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Colonoscopy prep with Gatorade is great. It really was a big difference from my last 3. Had the colonoscopy and they found one polyp that I was just told was benign. Also told my next one will be in 2 years!!!!!! Music to an old man’s ears. Now I can get the port out.

They also told me there is yet a new way to prep. You take 2 Ducolax and just sit on the john. While on the john you stare at photos of shall we say some of our leaders in Washington. That scares the crap out of you.

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Good results, Kerry! I am really happy for you.

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Great news on your colonscopy, but gosh you crack me up! Good one! LOL!


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I can just hardly wait for my next scope to try this out! LOL

Rob; In Vancouver

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or line the bottom of litter boxes........steve

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