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Went Over Scan Results with Onc Today.....WOW!

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Finally.... the day I have been waiting for.... So my Onc could explain all the results from CT, MRI, and PET/CT. As most of you know I was declared NED in December, 2009 and then taken off drip and put on Xeloda with Avastin. The scan show..........DRUMROLL..... I am STILL NED!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!!! omg...I have been so worried. Not one thing lit up ... no "New" nothing. The CT scan showed a 9mm nodule in Rt. lung but onc. said that was from a previous infection...NOT CANCER...NOT TUMOR...not anything to give a second thought to. He said it would probably always be there but not an issue. Anyway, he immediately took me off ALL meds....no more Xeloda and no more Avastin. Thats kinda scary knowing you have no protection....thats what I thought....BUT...then I realized HOW i got to this point to begin with...I will just say this once cause I know this is not the religious section and I don't wanna start anything..but dang it... GOD does deserve ALL credit. Ok, I will leave that there.

On a not so bright note.... Onc said the problem I am having with my back is serious. He was a bitconfused why my Primary Care Doc had not done anything...not even acknowledged the issue because evidently something has to be done. Don't think she'll be my Doc much longer. It seems I did refracture the T7 vertebrae and also there is an additional fracture on the T8 rib. He said the T7 actually looks more crushed that fractured. Can't say for sure how that happened. Don't really matter I guess cause damage is done. They are sending me to a back specialist and a pain specialist. He said I would be facing back surgery unless it can be corrected with Cortisone shots.

I don't really care. I know it will be fixed somehow. My main thing here is... I DON'T HAVE CANCER!!!!!!! As soon as I have an empty house..... I will be doing the Nekkid dance!!! Thanks to all of you for your continued support. I am so grateful to all of you. PEACE!


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I'm rejoicing with you in your wonderfully "dull" PET scan (cause it didn't light up! :)
NED- yeah!!

The back's not so great, but it is amazing, isn't it, how serious news can pale in comparison to cancer- it's like, "well, it isn't cancer, so I can deal with it!"
Blessings to you for dealing with that, but I'm glad you're going to back and pain specialists. Yeah- sounds like your primary care doc dropped the ball on that one.

Well- go celebrate the scan results- what a blessed Easter you'll have this year!


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thanks so much Lisa.......... I keep you in my prayers every nite..... I just know...and I mean I really do feel it....that good things are in your future. You take care!


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...Jennie. so happy for you!

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Thank you!!!!!!

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What great news!
Phew! I'm glad our various interpretations of your PET/CT report were on the mark!

Great new picture by the way. You too Lisa, nice family photo!

Be Well Jennie... Rob; in Vancouver

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Thank you ..and yes! The interpretations were on the mark!!.. The pic is when I was in Arlington at a Cowboys game..had a great time! You take care Rob


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you;ve been kicking the shi out of cancer. Dance yer *** of......steve

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You did it, You did it, You did it..... I'm so happy for you Jennie!!

Life is funny sometimes

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You must be ecstatic! Enjoy dancing with NED, the most desirable guy on this board! Good luck with your back issues.

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that is the very BEST of news.....congrats...

isn't it funny the way we start to think?....on what the heck...it's a back....anything not cancer....well done


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That is just great news. I am just praising along with you, girl!

LOVE your new picture! Can you put it in expressions so we can see it better? You're a cutie, for sure!

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Thanks to you all for the nice replies. Diane, I just posted the pic on my expression and I am going to post a few others of the family in a minute. Thanks again guys!


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Your photo is gorgeous... so this is what NED looks like!

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I am very, very happy for you.You might want to hold off on that nekkid dance 'til the back gets fixed..or....maybe the nekkid dance will fix the back, huh;)

Good wishes.


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I am ecstatic to hear the great news!!! You go and dance all you want!


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Go ahead and give him praise I am..............!!!

Fight for my love
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Hi Jennie,this is miracle.I am so happy for you.This is really really great news.Dance!

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So happy for your wonderful news. Celebrate in a big way, dance, dance, dance. Good luck with whatever the recommened treatment is for your back. I know you will come through with flying colors.
Best to you,

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Diane and Anne.... Thanks so much on the nice pic compliments!! Pat, Amy, Papa, Joanne and Fight for my love.........you ALL make me feel so good. Ya'll bout bring me to tears. i am SO happy today and just when i think it can't get any better....here you are!!!


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Congratulations on NED,do the dance very carefully,and good luck with your back,I hope the shots work.

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Oh Jennie...I'm so happy for you. And I give God all the credit and thanks as well!


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How awesome is that?!?! Totally! Ignore Brooks if you like - he always pushes for a naked NED dance - I think he keeps hoping for pics. You can do a clothed NED dance and get just as much satisfaction, I think. Try it both ways and let us know.

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Nothing to worry about! Now I have to flag your uplifting post for being completely and totaling offensive, sorry but we can't have all these messages of hope!

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Good point John! haha!

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Doing the nekkid happy dance with you!

What wonderful news! Sorry about your back, but as you said, you can fix that and it won't kill you.

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Forget the house. Go Badu style. Loud and proud. Do the naked happy dance right in the middle of the town square. Just make sure there are no 9 year olds near by. Congratulations!!!!!!!


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John...... Gotta love your mind.... Kathryn...Thank ya ever so much... and my dear ERIC.... drinks on me Bud...and you know where!!!


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Dear One,

So happy for you. This is amazing. Will continue to pray for you and hope you find a doctor for your back that you're more comfortable with.

Blessings and Big Hugs,

Debbie (gramma)

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Your news is just awesome. Sorry about your back and hope you can get relief for it. Ann

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Way to go young lady, I'm proud of you.


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So happy for you, Patti

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All that scanxiety for nothing since you had great news. I'm so happy for you. Glad you've got a plan for taking care of the back pain. I'm sorry that you are having unimaginable pain.

BTW, we're also Camaro owners. We have a new bright red one. I'll get around to posting a picture of it. (The pix are on the other computer.)

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What great news about still being NED! and here's to a quick path to resolving your back issues-that sounds so painful.

all the bets, Leslie

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Yeah, Baby!!!! I love the sound of sweet ned!! I like the happy dance of ned too! And frankly, I think I am starting to not give a flyin wha hoo who's around! Nudity we came in the world that way and basically we go out that way, why not celibrate that way?? LOL Just sayin!! LOL
Love to you girl,
Goofyladie (Cass)
PS Beat the crap out of whoever or whatever you fell off of or did to hurt your back. You've had enough practice kicken cans!!!LOL

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I am so glad for you! I mean you have no idea how happy I am for you!!

Now, go get your back fixed.

Love to you!!! You just made my day!

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