DaVinci Surgeons in Southern Calif?

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Have read a lot about good, experienced DaVinci Surgeons on the East coast. Any input on good surgeons in Southern California? Has anyone had experience with Dr. Timothy Wilson or his colleagues at City of Hope or Dr. Kane or Parsons at UC San Diego?


  • lshick
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    Dr Kawachi
    My surgeon was Dr Kawachi at City of Hope. For what it's worth (only one experience, after all) see my writeup at http://www.sv-moira.com/ProstateCancer.htm

    Good luck.

  • Dr_Jeff
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    Dr. Wilson
    I did an an extensive amount of research and decided to have Dr. Wilson at City of Hope perform my robotic surgery. I was 46 at the time of diagnosis with a PSA over 23. I am now approaching 4 years with undetectable PSA. Dr. Wilson has been so successful that they do not perform open surgeries at City of Hope. A few days after my surgery I was walking around Hollywood. I can't say enough about Dr. wilson and his staff.