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Neck dissection March 29th

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12.5 hrs to go. Thanks to all of you for being here for me. It means alot. I will do well. I have had alot of phone calls today. The surprise one was from my longtime penpal in England! My oldest son and his wife came by today. My boys in Texas and Phoenix called me.
Nursing supervisor called me,neighbors. It felt good to laugh.
My youngest son is 14 and he said he will come with dad on Tuesday, he doesnt want to come tomrrow night, think it might be too much for him. He said he bets the first thing out of my mouth will be that I have a headache!
Surgery starts at 7:30am California time so pray for me, think of me. I will let you all know how I am when I get back home.
Thankyou all again for the support!

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I started the post on the other site you visit. We all will be thinking of you tomorrow and wish you a speedy recovery from the operation. Then, you will also have a plan of attack on the treatment to follow.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Stay stong and god bless, you have my prayers.


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Dear Mary,
I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!

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Pam M
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Look at you - ready to go. Thoughts and prayers are with you - glad it's time.

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Good luck & best Wishes. I was wondering how you were doing.

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We will all be with you in our prayers

God bless and keep you

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Keep the positive attitude Mary, and remember, you have Faith, Family & Friends..... That's huge, we are all here and pulling for you today and everyday.


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lotsa prayers for you ma'm!!

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D Lewis
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Thinking of you as you go through your surgery right now.

Deb L.

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Hey Mary,

Praying for you as you go through surgery.


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It really sounds much worse than it is although depending on the type and nerves and muscles moved it will have some lasting impact. We can talk all about that later. Please don't disregard the recovery exercises. I actually went in at 6am and they discharged me at 10pm. Save the hospital gown as it will be a perfect garment for recovery and hanging the drain pouch in that front pocket.

If you are having it done at a teaching hospital I would personally request that the lead surgeon do the actual cutting. Look him/her in the eye and get this agreed on. Plan on taking some pictures for gory Christmas cards. Your pain meds will most likely be prescribed in liquid form so it pays to plan ahead and look for all night pharmacies. They sometimes don't have enough on hand.

I chose the mark of 'ZORO' style. See what your hospital offers.

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HA! you bring up some excellent things Ratface especially that last one!!

Kent Cass
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Anxious to hear how it went, Mary. Let us know. Hey, girl- you MUST, when you can. And any delay in hearing from you- everybody understands. What matters is you, and you matter to us.


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My thoughts & prayers are with you Mary. You are strong, and I know you are ready to fight.
As you have been there for us, we are here for you. Love & Prayers, Patty

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Pam M
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Mary, I've had you on my mind off an on all day. I hope the surgery went well, and you're on your way to smooth healing. Do well,


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