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The other post was getting a bit lenghty.
I had radiation burns to the right side of my neck. They do not sound as bad as yours though. The hospital also put some sort of dressing that cooled the area and also removed the dead skin, though didnt seem as bad as yours. I could only put a Eucerin type cream on once a day even though I wanted to more. I had twice daily radiation and there didnt seem to be enough time in between. There probably was but didnt want to chance it
Sorry to hear all you are going thru. Prayers and Best Wishes

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Hi ChefDaddy!

My husband was also a chef for 20 years. Its a tough job!! When he had radiation, the hospital suggested Aquaphor. It is expensive, but it worked great. It is thick like Vasaline, but very soothing. I found it in our local supermarket. Hope this will help.
I am new to this sight, so I dont know all of you, but looking forward to meeting you all.

God bless!

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Welcome here to CSN, this is a great place to be and get a lot of information about what others are doing. Keep posting glad to have you here.

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