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First Week

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Hi friends!
Well I made it thru the first week! I was so happy to get my friend the chemo bag off!Thanks to all of you for helping me thru it. Weird thing , my toung is real funky
any suggestions? I know I can't get rid of this metal taste but it feels so weird, like it's to big? Well tomorrow starts week 2...............


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Congrats on getting through week one and ridding yourself of your little buddy. That thing is a real inconvenience! As for the funky tongue, it sounds to me like you are experiencing thrush, which is a yeast infection in your mouth, brought on by the chemo--very common and something I had myself. Please do not hesitate to call your oncology nurse and tell her your symptoms. You can be given either Diflucan or "Magic Mouthwash" to help clear this up. My doctor prescribed the magic mouthwash and it did the trick. You swish with it, then if at all possible, swallow it. It's not a pleasant experience, but it really does help! I hope you can get something for this ASAP.

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Skittles - congratulations on finishing your first week!

Just finished mine also, and like you the mouth is a sore point. I had the Dr. call in some magic mouthwash and hopefully that will do the trick. Luckily it has lidocane as one of the components, so at least it will be a little less painful until the issue is gone.
For me it came on very fast - first noticed it yesterday, just a small amount and didn't really think anything of it. By this morning it was full blown, entire mouth and lips... UCK. Also noticed the metallic taste you mention. I'm not sure if its better because my sense of taste is messed up due to the mouth sores, or its actually going away.

Take care,


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Skittles and Cathy,

Good for both of you getting the 1st week over. I remember being so happy to get disconnected from the fanny pack. Also that I made it through without to much discomfort. As everyone posted about the mouth problems, I developed mouth sores and when I brushed my teeth it felt like I was brushing them with nails. I did get a prescription from my onc, but if you can treat your mouth before it gets bad, thats the best way to go. My sores lasted about 2 weeks if I remember correctly. I didn't get mouth sores on the 2nd cycle of chemo. I think the myto is what gives you the mouth sores, although I belive the 5FU may also, from what I read about the side effects. I wish you both well. Lori

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Skittles and Cathy

I also had the mouth sores really bad the first round of chemo. The second time I did not get them but my oncologist had me take duflican for a couple of days on the seoond round. I don't know if that is what prevented them but I assume it was. Swishing with salt water also helps. I know they are terrible and make it hard to eat. I had them on my lips too. I wish you both the best through the rest of the treatments.

Take care


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