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adhesion pain??

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HI everyone, hope someone can help me and provide some info. I had a resection in june with a ileostomy, ileostomy takedown in sept and had a bowel obstruction requiring surgery in jan. I went back to work a month ago, I work 12 hr shifts. I started having abdominal tenderness, blamming it on muscle use and increase in activity that I was not used to. The tenderness is there in the morning but just a little, seems to increase as the day goes on and is pretty uncomfortable by night, I started having some sharp pains with certain movements. I am thinking it is adhesion pain. I plan to call my doc on monday since it seems to be getting worse. Does anyone else have this, mths after their surgeries. Appreciate any info. Thanks Petrina

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Hi Petrina,

I've had 4 abdominal surgeries and nothing like what you are describing. I have not had adhesions (Knock-on-wood) I'd definitely check it out.

Rob; in Vancouver

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Although George has only had a colon resection, he has never complained about anything like that. Getting back to work and working a 12 hours shifts may have something to do with it. Perhaps you are using/pulling at mucles that you have not pushed hard in the recent past. Have you tried a supportive undergarment? Tina

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I have never had adhesions- but I have had hernia repair 2 times- the first one about 10 years ago on my hyst surgery line. I had no clue what my problem was- I would be somewhat fine in the morning and after working all day (on my feet a lot running around) my gut would just ACHE- and be so much better after laying down for awhile. Then my second hernia was caught last June on a CT scan- same thing, this just gut ache after working all day. Not like cramps, definitely did not feel like it was my colon, just ached. The other thing- 3 weeks after my hernia surgery last July- I started developing pain at the surgical site. It would be a lot better after laying down, then in particular sitting up, driving would bring on this pulling and prickly sensation- after about a week, I ended up in the ER with a temp of 103 and the worse prickly pain in my gut. They found a seroma with a CT and drained a good size syringe of fluid off of my surgery site.

So yes, I think you can develop problems post op- and adhesions would be one of many issues it could be.

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Hi Petrina, I've had some trouble with adhesion pain after my last lung operation. It took a while to surface but then it did go away after a while. It certainly can not hurt to have it checked out. One thing I try to do which may or may not have anything to do with adhesions is if I am doing any type of physical stuff, I wear a abdominal support band. It helps keeps things in place I find. I'd check before you try that too. I'm not one for giving medical advice.
Hope you feel better fast

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Thanks for the info, I plan to call my doc tomorrow. God bless. Petrina

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Ileostomates are prone to adhesions, and after 3+ years post-op,
I still have 'em.

Some "go away", and some stay adhered forever. The intestine
and/or other organs stick to other things, and once they begin to
grow together, they can stay attached.

The problem of pain may go away, or maybe we just get accustomed
to the pain..... but the problem of things getting kinked and twisted the
wrong way, is the real problem.

A twisted intestine can cause a blockage, or an organ can become
entangled and be choked of it's blood supply.

Any further attempts of operations to "fix" an adhesion, invariably
causes more adhesions. So unless it's life-threatening, we live
with things like this.

A scan would be in order, a sonogram may be useful, also.

Good luck!


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I also worked 12 hours, days, doing too much too soon! At least that was the reason I took longer to recover.

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