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Raw Food Lecture - And Pass the Plate....

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I went to a Raw Food lecture in NYC the other night that was touted as "Hear Author Brenda Cobb's Inspiring Personal Story of Healing Cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation and the relationship of high vibration energy and healing".

They held it in a nice restaurant on the city over by the Flatiron Building. I went with my brother and we had a good veggie dinner (a HUGE salad) then went in for the lecture. Aside from many remarkable and unbelievable stories of people with 150 tumors in their bodies who were given 2 weeks to live and then went to their center and after a few shots of wheat grass, some energy soup, a colonic (or three) had all of their tumors gone and their health was restored to perfect. To say this was VERY hard to believe is an understatement.

While there was a lot of talk that was what I felt common sense about eating healthy, the majority of the talk after the 3 or 4 "miracle cures" centered on "Prosperity" and how that was lacking in most people's lives. What does that have to do with cancer and diet? It really sounded like Joel Olsten preaching prosperity. What about people's health, isn't that more important than having things? On top of everything else, the 2 week sessions at their center range in price from $14,000 down to $1,900 (fewer colonics I guess?) During the entire "lecture" they kept peddling their essence oils, books, DVDs, and enema equipment. They even asked people who would go if money were no object. A few raised their hands (I was not one of them) and were told that it was their lucky day. "I'll tell you what I'm gonna do" they said, "tonight, and tonight only, if you sign up they would take 50% off the fee for the 2 week session. You still have to pony up money for a hotel, airfare etc.

I felt a little slighted that the "lecture" was really nothing more than a sales-pitch aimed at people, some who went there looking for possible cures for cancer. In the end it was about "Prosperity", theirs...

Moral, be cautious of those who prey on people who are looking for solutions to serious problems.

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Shucks Phil, Y'all can come to my house and eat some raw foods for less than half that.
;-) I can even provide the high vibration treatment. For an extra $1,000, my cat, Patches, will sleep curled up against your abdomen everytime you are sitting or lying down.

I do NOT provide colonics. I draw the line at sticking something up your .......

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for the information and Diane that was great! :)

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Ohhh THAT was good Diane! I'll do it for 1/2 of what Diane will :)

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They're lucky you didn't stand and tell them how you felt about it! Sorry it was such a disappointment.


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I belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture) that is organic and try to get most veggies from there and soon I'll be growing my own. There was that jamescollier person a few days ago who was just trying to sell us their miracle cures. It's shameful to see/hear of people who prey on us. It's like the old folks you are suckered out of their life savings by scammers. I wasn't about to make a scene there, I just left. The original bits of info about raw food and it's energy are OK although I have a sister in law who if a rabid raw foodie, all 80 pounds of her. There are other issues going on.

BTW: the Jiffy Lube by me has drive-thru colonics so if I ever have the urge, I'm covered!

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Phil that is such an interesting story. I find it hard to believe that people can be that unjust and greedy to be marketing to we needy cancer folks.

Last week I heard a similar story. A friend of mine was diagnosed with adrenal gland cancer and a year later with mets to other abdominal sites. Her young son is in about grade 6 and the principal of his school approached my friend selling some kind of supplement and miracle cure. The Principal!

hahh love the Jiffy Lube :)


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Hi Philli & Gang,

I noticed your interesting post. I am usually on the Head & Neck 'C' Survivors page. I had SCC of the Tonsil, surgery and 7 weeks of IMRT and Erbitux - finished Oct 7th 2009.

While I had a very rough period going through treatment, I am doing OK now. Head and Neck folks cop the rads in the area that affects our eating, taste, swallowing and Saliva production so the legacy from the treatments can be devastating.

My few cents worth here are related to my experience with Colonics between my surgery and start of treatment. In brief, I became incredibly toxic from all the medications and anesthetics : Morphine, Paracetamol, Pethadine, Vicodin, antibiotics etc. I also became horribly constipated post surgery mainly from the Morphine I gather.

My doctors (2 Onco's and ENT) laughed at my inquiry into Colonics. No surprise. I was released from 10 days in Hospital in terrible shape and was almost carried into a Colonics Clinic I found myself not far from the hospital. I had a 45 minute open Colonic session.

I walked out of the clinic rather light headed but feeling a great deal better. Amazingly so. Within a couple of hours and after a light meal I was bouncing off the walls and doing 'Jump jacks'. It was the most memorable and remarkable recovery from deathly sick to jumping with joy I have experienced. The colon can trap toxins for various reasons, which leach back into your body and do it no good at all. Best to clear it out.

While I don't advocate filling pockets of greedy opportunists, there are legitimate operators out there who can definitely help. I have since had further treatments and caffeine enemas. I also subscribe to the raw foods concepts and also Acid vs Alkaline in your body also related mainly to diet.

Wishing you all well.

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hey phil,

It never fails to surprise me that people are surprised that others are trying to make a buck off of us. Just walk into a chemo clinic to get your $10,000 does of chemo. Just get cancer and have everyone and their pharmaceutical grandfather try to sell you their latest magic potion be it FOLFOX or OXY whatever. And are they working?? Maybe for some but certainly not for many on here.

Just drive through their neighborhoods and see how your oncologists live. If you don't think the scams work on both sides of the equation.....and "they" have "science" to back them up? Uh yeeeah. And who are the guinea pigs?

The person selling hope at your Raw Foods seminar is doing the same thing as your oncologist actually. Selling hope. Do you ever just get up and walk out of your oncolgist's office sick of his/her spiel feeling disgusted that they are just wanting to exploit your vulnerability? The difference is that your insurance company is a partner in paying off your doctors. Those of us who choose to follow a different path to Hope have to pay out of pocket and line the pockets of whichever practitioner we decide to put our faith in. I really see no difference but find it rather interesting that people are so quick to judge only ONE side of the MEGA business of cancer without acknowledging both sides of the "greedy" factor.

Ok, sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer but this happens to me every time we lose another one to the cancer business of sick care. Can't take it much longer......really can't.


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You can stay in my guest villa "out building w/guest room" and have all the raw kudzu you can eat. I have boats, atv's, golf cars. I'll throw in 7 rounds of golf per week at anyone of our 9 award winning courses, all the native fish you can catch and local produce you can pick. I'll juice any fruit or vegetable you want, 7 times per day. All for only $5000 per week.

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Thanks John and Diane, the offers of free raw food keep rolling in...
Golf you say?

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I could not agree more with Emily. I was also suspect of my Oncologist when, at our first meeting, I proceeded to tell him how I had taken steps on my own to get healthy before I started HIS treatment. I had a month of tests before I met with him and I completely changed my diet and lifestyle. I proudly started telling a DOCTOR how I was taking steps to build up my immune system and clean out toxins when he interupted me MID-SENTENCE exclaiming that "there's no proof diet has any effect on cancer or treatment". WHAT???? How can any "doctor" be so sure of something they don't study? I called another Cancer Center in my area to inquire about a second opinion. After I relayed my info. to a nurse telling her all the tests I have had she calmly stated that if I expected to get a different opinion I would not get it there. She said all cancer treatment centers will follow the same recomendations, period. She informed me the Onc. will tell you what Chemo to take, the Radio. Onc. will tell you how much radiation and the sugeon will tell you how much surgery you need but they will not tell you any different options. Nice, so much for REAL options. And as we all know, the options they have are OPINIONS since they have NO proof "their" plan is best for you. When I asked why people can follow the recommended treatment plan (chemo,radiation,surgery,chemo), be NED and still have recurrence the doctor said "that means there were "microscopic" cells that were undetectable and they were missed. I asked can you prove that? He said NO but that is what we believe. Really.... Can't prove it but believe it anyway. Hmmmm... People will always hear what they want to, see what they want to, and believe what they want to. That is human nature. No one should get a free pass because of credentials or degree. I think evidence shows the standard course of treatment does work for some people but the variables are what matters. Physical, mental and spiritual health, diet and lifestyle are the only thing doctors can't quantify so most won't believe they matter. Remember, The devil is in the details...

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It's like when the tobacco executives got up and told people that they believed their products to be safe or to think that if people continue to pollute the planet it's not going to change our environment. Ignorance isn't always bliss.

Unfortunately cancer is not like a broken arm. You can look at an arm and say "yup, it's broken. Put it in a cast and it will heal". With cancer, I think you can have two people with a very similar diagnosis, give them the same treatment, and have two different outcomes. Cancer is something that I believe isn't fully understood at all. It has many causes and it reacts differently in each of us.

Generally speaking, you're not going to get a Cancer Center to say "go eat raw" and you won't get a Holistic Organic Center to tell you to "go take chemo".

All we can do is to follow what WE think is the best for US and hope for the best.

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That's something we CAN do is grab something that we can put our HOPE in and believe. And thank goodness we have choices....still.

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WOW! When I read imagineit2010's statement that the onc stopped him/her in mid sentance and proclaimed "there's no proof diet has any effect on cancer or treatment" I was totally stunned!! Not only my onc, but many others have said, and I have read, how the "western diet" is thought to be one of the contributors to getting colon cancer. All of the fat, box food, canned food, and much, much more, have been blamed. If a bad diet can contribute to giving you cancer, how can anyone claim that a good diet has no effect????? I know that I am eating much healthier now, and I feel a whole lot better. I ty to eat reaaly weel on non chemo weeks, when I can tolerate more foods. My onc my surgeon and my gastro doc were all urging me to have a better diet. My blood work comes back great, nutrition wise. My BM's are more consistant, and I just have a much better feeling overall from the better, more natural diet. It's something everyone can do without paying for a "miracle cure!"

One thing I did learn from someone, that made it easier. Shop the outside edge of the supermarket! Sure, there are still some things there that you don't want, but it is where all of the fresh food is. Only go up and down the aisles when you need spices, cleaning products, etc. Otherwise, that's where all of the boxed & canned foods are, and a lot of those have extra ingredients (preservatives, chemiicals) that we don't need. My mantra has become "if man made it, don't eat it." I do follow that for the most part, but will admit to the occasional "treat" every now and then. lol


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Very true, you make a good points Emily. I was most offended by the whole "prosperity" spiel. If they were just selling a therapeutic "health job" at their clinic then fine but to think that everyone wants prosperity (Prosperity is a condition in which a person or community is doing well financially) seems so shallow to me. Give me health any day.

I certainly think that eating healthy is a wise thing to do. It isn't fair that those of us how choose medicine get insurance to help us but those who choose raw get a "raw deal". Maybe they can get Monsanto to sponsor it (a joke, not a fan of Franken-food).

To be fair though Em, we lose people to cancer from both types of treatment. Chemo and what are often called "alternative treatments". It's not like if everyone did alternatives there'd be no death from cancer.

Thanks for ruining my post!!!!
Love ya Emily, you know that.
You gave some good raw food for thought!

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Get people thinking and changing paradigms.....that's what I like to do.

I personally do not know one person who has done what I have done...ONLY surgery and alternatives and NO conventional treatments. I DO know people who did conventional medicine that didn't work and THEN did alternatives and it didn't work. Is that maybe the kind of people who you know? Because they belong to a different paradigm. They are people that we'll never know what did them in....if they didn't do any conventional then we know for sure that their program didn't work OR they didn't work the program. (just a "little bit" of sugar or junk food or soda or ice cream or alcohol etc etc).

Sorry that you do know folks who didn't make it after doing what I did. I just don't know anyone.

Greed sucks no matter what package it's in. Just saying.

peace, emily

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First let me say that I feel strongly that each person needs to do what they think is best for them. I personally believe combining western with eastern or complimentary medicine gives the greatest chances of all. I don't think focusing on only one alone is a great answer.

But I'm not going to tell anyone else what they need to do. And I'm not going to assume that if someone did chemo, whether they did or didn't do alternative or complimentary medicine, and they don't make it, that the reason was they did chemo. I'm going to believe that possibly there was nothing that could be done in their case, or possibly they might have had better luck with something else, but that it really doesn't matter because they did what they thought was best for them.

"I personally do not know one person who has done what I have done."

Here is where I can't help but play devil's advocate:
Well in that case, how can any assumptions be made that your way is the best way? Only one case study? It could simply be that you are one that didn't need anything at all after surgery and you would have been fine. Or it could be that everything you did decide to do was needed to fully heal you and keep the cancer away. We'll never know. And since you are the ONLY one you know that has done this, that really doesn't give us much in the way of statistics to think your way is the only way to be cured. It worked for you, and I am very glad it did! It may work for others, and I'd be very happy for them if it does.

We do know that plenty of people that choose chemo DO live without recurrance. We have more statistics to say chemo does work than your way does work. Not your fault the stats aren't there - not many choose that route, so how do you get those numbers up? We do know that a percentage of people that choose chemo and a percentage of those that do not choose chemo have recurrances, and at some point die. This happens from both pools, with the numbers being higher from those that choose no chemo (but this may be because most of those are older or in poorer health to begin with).

Who's to say what would make the difference in those that do or don't have recurrances? Heck, it makes no sense at all that I even got colon cancer. I'm still baffled on that one. So I'm certainly not going to know what is the "magic" cure for me either. All I can do is my best - I will return to growing organic in our garden, and my diet of no red meat, with lots of raw fruits and veggies. I will return to exercise, fresh air and sunlight. I will do what I can to keep my stress levels low. I will pray.

And if the cancer comes back some day, I am not going to say it is because I did chemo. I'm going to say it is because I have always been an oddball medically and I just have to deal with it.

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Hi Kathryn,

I do not assume that my way is the best way--it was the best way for ME. When I share my journey it's to give others information that they wouldn't otherwise get from their doctors that there ARE choices and successful ones at that.

This is not what the thread is about. It's about GREED on the part of the MEGA business of cancer. We're talking about a multi-billion dollar industry and my point was that the Raw Foods advocate was peddling her/his part of that multi-billion dollar industry and for Phil to look at both sides of the greed issue. His beef was with the whole "prosperity" vibe that was underlying the presentation.

When Phil commented that he knows people who die on both sides of the chosen path issue (chemo vs alternatives) my point was that most use CAM (complementary Alternative Medicine) and therefore we can not be sure what was the protocol that didn't work...(though most I know personally choose the Western way before they exhaust their options and then turn to alternatives so the outcome "statistics" will be skewed).

Please can we just let it go and not go round and round on this one.

It's all about greed and our oncologists/pharmaceuticals are just as guilty as the Raw Food seminar promoters who are passing the plate and banging out a buck from our cancer crisis and vulnerability.

We all just want to live.

peace, emily

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Many of us are doing the very best we can under very difficult circumstances and on many days are terrified of losing our loved one. Personally, I found your post insulting, demeaning and quite honsestly, very hurtful.

The path you chose has worked very well for you and I wish you continued success. It saddens me that it appears you do not wish the same for the rest of us. We are not guinea pigs taking magic potions, we are simply doing the best we can hoping our decisions are good ones.


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Above ANYTHING else I want folks on this board to LIVE. Thinking that I do not wish success for you and all on here just tells me that you don't really know me so I can let that comment slide.

We are ALL guinea pigs in a cancer crisis trying out treatments to see if they will work or not. I didn't make that statement to be insulting or demeaning. Did I know that my path to healing would work? Heck no. Was I scared that it wouldn't? Heck yeah. But in many other posts I have shared what I am not afraid of....

There are no guarantees in life with anything. We are all doing the best we can and that includes me trying to keep the shadow of death from my door like anyone else. If my words were hurtful, insulting or demeaning that was not the intention of my post. That is not my modus operandi.

In the 8 1/2 years that I have been posting on these boards, seriously I have lost too many friends to cancer to count, not to mention my own sister when she was 33. That means something to me and it makes me ANGRY! If my anger hurt, insulted or demeaned you, I apologize. Nothing was directed at you personally, nor to any one person on this board. My frustration is in the whole cancer MEGA industry-- NOT towards any survivors out there trying their darnedest to live. No way.

If I didn't know myself better and know where my heart lies, I would be insulted that you think I don't want the BEST for all folks on here and I surely wouldn't spend a good part of the last 8 ++ years coming on here trying to help. A little grace goes a long way.

peace, emily

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I found Emily's post to be painfully honest. We are on different sides of the fence but I think she hit the nail on the head. We choose to see doctors to try to get through this. She doesn't. Sure, not all doctors are in this for the money but I do wonder about pharmaceutical companies. And yes, they (some doctors) are taken out and wined and dined to get them to use their "medicine".

At first I was a bit taken back because Em, being Em, gave her honest opinion on the topic. There are two sides to everything and she has seen both and chose to handle her cancer her way (with great success too). We happen to see the one side. I didn't feel like she was insulting at all but that's me and I know that's Emily.

You certainly are entitled to your opinion Tina, I'm not here to tell you that but we are often the "test pilots" for many of the drugs that are being used to help cure cancer.

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Nana b
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But on my last chemo visit my ONC told me to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise 30 minutes a day, sad he will see me in 6 months for a scan. When I went back for my job issues, he wrote a letter to my boss told her basically to leave me the hell alone or my cancer could reoccur.

He didn't want me to stress, he insisted I take an antidepressant, and they have worked so well for me, I AM TOTALLY surprised. I didn't realize that I was starting to be a real b....., but my husband never said anything. He said he knew it wasn't me that I would be back. Man, I mean I laughed, cracked jokes but, had little patience with my husband. But that has changed. I feel good every day. My husband actually says I laugh at what he says or with him now instead of hearing me laugh with others.

It's amazing because I am the girl with the smile on her face all the time, never in my life thought I would need meds.....not be disrespectful here, just myself! JUST STAY AWAY CANCER!


Oh and on the subject. We all respect each other here as we are all fighting the same battle. I am trying Emily's way, but some times, I give in to temptation. No one here is out to insult, just take the information, use it if need be and throw the rest over your shoulder. I appreciate Phil's insight because there is always something to learn and most of all, we can maybe pick something up that we didn't think of. Thanks to everyone! The meds must be working!

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When I was first diagnosed I consulted with a woman in my homeschooling group who had cured her son of cancer with juicing. He was only 2 years old and the Mayo Clinic had done every protocol they could for his type of cancer and sent him home with the instructions for them to prepare for his death. She refused to accept that (what mother could) and started a RADICAL regime of pumping fresh organic veggie juice with crushed up supplements directly into his NG tube. That little boy is alive today and is I think 18 yrs old.

During our discussion she talked about Feeding Your Soul. When one embarks on a radical diet (such as my vegan/macro/juicing regime) and one loves food, there is a sense of grief with losing some of your "best friend" comfort foods. She gave me "permission" to indulge once in a while. I didn't allow myself any indulgences for the entire 6 months that I had committed to following this restricted diet. I wanted to throw my entire being into curing my cancer. But once I got my first 6 months NED, the first place I went was to my coop and got some of my comfort foods. YAY!

We are human and prone to temptations. We also need to feed our soul whatever that may be.

Special occasions are needed without guilt and shame. Just my opinion.


peace, emily

ps. Leanne ended up writing a book about her experience called Your Child Doesn't Have to Die

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You tell 'em, gal !

"Just walk into a chemo clinic to get your $10,000 does of chemo.
Just get cancer and have everyone and their pharmaceutical
grandfather try to sell you their latest magic potion be it
FOLFOX or OXY whatever. And are they working??"

There are many other options to western medicine's expensive
experiment, and there are many of us that are still here to tell
others about it. Most alternative routes are less expensive than
the co-pay for any of the western medicine treatments available.

The blind faith in western medicine has baffled me as much as the
reluctance to do whatever is needed to save a life. Pure common
sense should indicate that when something makes you sick, it's
gonna' be a real freak show to try and get well afterward.

But no-one should hold a blind faith in any medicine or therapy.
It doesn't matter if it's herbs, juicing, diet, homeopathic, chemical,
or any other attempt at a cancer cure; blind faith does not allow
one to make a conscious choice of the viable paths that can be taken.

My conversation with one onco went like this:

Can you tell me if there are cancer cells inside me?
No, we can only assume there are.

Can you tell me how many cancer cells are inside me?
No, we have to assume there are many.

Can you tell me if the chemo will kill the cancer cells?
No, but we assume it will kill some.

Can you tell after chemo, if the chemo actually killed any cancer cells?
No, we can only assume.

Can you guarantee that the chemo won't do permanent damage to me?
No, but we try our best to not let that happen.

Can you tell if the cancer will come back after chemo?
No, there's no way to tell that.

When my neighbor found out I was doing Imported Chinese
herbs for my fight against cancer, my neighbor asked me:
"How do you know it's going to work?"

I laughed, and told him that I asked my onco that same question
about chemo and radiation.

That was over three years ago, and a lot more time than they told
me I had left to my life. (WBC/CEA, scans etc, are presently normal).

I may eventually die of cancer, but it's not because I chose
a different route; we all may succumb to cancer. I simply chose
to fight cancer without the side effects and threats of harm due to
toxic chemical overload, or cellular destruction of radiation.

There are other options to western medicine's cancer industry.

Don't let fear of dying lead you down the wrong path, and
don't be afraid to change paths, if you see the one you're
on is going no-where.


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Find Emily's story very inspiring. She has always been here when we needed her and her great approach to a healthier way of life. I could never go vegan all the way or just live on lettuce, but low fat foods, sea salt, I always eat greens everyday, juice now, I've even changed alot of my diet, but like Nana, do give into temptation, I can say however, it's been 3 weeks since I've had any ice cream, cakes and cookies, and I feel great! (except for chemo fatigue), I think the chemo part is just reassurance for me, I'll be off it soon, and will still try and eat as healthy as possible, I don't even miss the snacks anymore. I like the dried fruit, nuts, and raw veggies and fruits, but of course I have to have my dark chocolate at times. Will cancer still kill me? either way I go, chemo or healthy, probably, in time, just not yet ;)

I don't know Tina, if you read, "Crazy Sexy Cancer" by Kris Carr, but that was a wonderful inspiring book, about her journey to the holistic approach, living with stage 4 inoperable cancer, a rare cancer she has, I just forgot where it was LOL..but my daughter found her documentary movie somewhere and bought it for me, and I'll be watching it soon...but there are so many things that make you think about chemo and living green, I just really need to start exercising, I'm so unmotivated when it comes to that. You can go read at www.crazysexycancer.com as well. Lots of inspiring stories.

I know she didn't mean to make us sound like guinea pigs, though we are, especially when they use those clinical trials to me, I'm even afraid of those, when there isn't enough info on them to want to do. Emily is awesome, she took ya by surprise I think, but I can tell she wasn't being obnoxious or anything. She really does care about the people here, and is very emotional as well in how we take care of ourselves, if she didn't care, she wouldn't be here, but we sure like her here, hope you weren't too offended Tina, we Love you too! ;)


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I'm proud of your changes Donna! That's AWESOME!!!

Keep at it.

peace, emily

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"I may eventually die of cancer, but it's not because I chose
a different route; we all may succumb to cancer. I simply chose
to fight cancer without the side effects and threats of harm due to
toxic chemical overload, or cellular destruction of radiation".

I have said from the get go that chemo scared me MORE than the cancer.

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The point I was going for was the GREED factor John, not who's right or wrong. There is no right or wrong with this stuff. There are miracles and horror stories on both sides of the debate. What there is in common is that there are people lined up from here to eternity ready to rid us of money. Emily (as usual) brought some great insight to the discussion.

Yeah, we're all going to die too. That's a given. I agree, if the path one is on, be it raw or chemo, and it's not working then it's time to reevaluate. Do any of you folks know of any raw or TCM people who saw that their route was not working and switched to chemo? Just wondering...

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That's my plan Phil. My future path was set in stone by the oncologists and surgeon and I didn't like the view. I feel I'm lucky enough to have time on my side, being stage 2. I had the consent form and pen in my hand about to sign my life into their hands to begin treatment and I froze. I could not do it without trying EVERY option I have. I don't say I'll never do chemo and radiation but I am a "do it yourself" kinda guy so I paused. One thing I have learned from this site has been to be confident in your "gut feeling" about your choices. I just didn't have that. I'm also very open minded so I might see options that others pass on. The stage 3 and stage 4 chemo survivors on here are my inspiration. They give me hope that if my choices fail I might also live to be as strong as they are and my experiences might help the next wave of patients to join here. Thanks to you and many others on here for acting as "myth busters" when you see suspicious behavior. That's how "communities" survive. Maybe we should have a community "block watch" on here to keep an eye out for crooks and thieves. LOL...

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"The point I was going for was the GREED factor "

That is the whole issue here! It's the amount of money that's
being tossed around in the name of cancer, that's the biggest problem.

It's a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds off anyone that
fears cancer. It's not just the "holistic" vendors, it's the
western medicine debacle as well. Emily hit it on the head,
when she typed:

"It's all about greed and our oncologists/pharmaceuticals are just
as guilty as the Raw Food seminar promoters who are passing the
plate and banging out a buck from our cancer crisis and vulnerability. "

Cancer care has become an industry, not a science. The same
chemicals that were used 40-50 years ago, are the same ones being
used today. They've modified the amounts, and have tried mixing
and matching, but it's the same old stuff.

Does it work? Maybe; maybe not, how can we be sure? There
wasn't one physician that would assure me that it works; no
guarantees are ever made.

Do herbs work? Maybe; maybe not, how can I say for sure?

You're right, there's no "right or wrong", but that's not what the
cancer industry tells us. They say it's either chemo, radiation,
or death.

That incites fear, and fear drives the individual into a path that
leaves an awful lot to be desired.

There are more deaths -related to- the side effects of chemo
and/or radiation, than cancer itself. That's the part "they" don't
talk about, unless you pressure "them". (old news)

I might turn to chemo or radiation if I find that medicinal herbs
aren't doing what I expect, but I would sooner try other alternatives
first, provided I had the time to.

"Imagineit2010" said:
"I feel I'm lucky enough to have time on my side, being stage 2"

I was stage 3c by one onco, and a 4 by another; from what I've
heard, a stage 2 is no picnic at all.

Staging isn't a well designed science, it's what's going on inside us
that is important. With stage 2 victims, they seem to encourage a
feeling of relaxation, rather than fear and immediacy that they
promote with us 3s and 4s.

My friend was a stage one when I was operated on, and he's
gone; died last month. They didn't offer him chemo, since they
didn't find any reason to, and he thought he was safe; good to go.

Two years later, they told him he was a late stage four, and that
it was too late for chemo, etc. He tried a local holistic herbalist,
drank garden herbal broths, eliminated sugar from his diet as she
directed, and continued to get worse. He died in a hospice,
skinny, frail and weakened. (I hate cancer).

It doesn't matter if one is a stage 1 or a stage 4, cancer has had
a chance to grow, and since the immune system hadn't stopped
that one cell, it's not likely to stop any future ones from growing.

Chemo, radiation, and herbs can kill cancer cells, but we have to
make sure that our immune system will continue to do that job,
not just outside help.

The fact that chemo and radiation destroys our immune system,
should be considered a major problem, since without a strong immune
system, we are left at the peril of chemicals and radiation without
any other protection.

I want to live, and I really, -really- want to see others live.

I want us all to beat cancer, and there may be better ways to do it
than what mainstream medicine has to offer.

Don't let the greed machines sell you a bill of goods; don't allow
fear to drive you.

Instead, listen to your own common sense and intuition. We are
all born with basic survival instincts, just as animals are; when we
listen carefully to our instincts, we survive.

Better health to all!


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Thanks for this post, Phil. I was really into reading everyones answers and feelings. Keep them coming. Paula

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