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things automagically happened

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We just got back from a week at Disney (WDW). What a blast! We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn. Weather was perfect and the parks we picked every day had very few people. We stayed in Magic Kingdom till 2 am on Sunday night (the night we arrived). NO lines - totally cool.
The BEST part? Well, I'll put it this way - I got a hard on for Disney on the LAST morning. First time since June 18, 2009! For a few brief minutes (okay - seconds), room 4203 at the Boardwalk Inn, was the Magic Kingdom! Take that erectile dysfunction.
Okay, that wasn't probably the best part, but it was pretty cool. The best part was sharing the days with my wife of almost 29 years (May 16). Hugely expensive, but since I had to liquidate my 401k in order to remain in our house and continue treatment (both of us were laid off last year) we could afford it - kind of - at least that was our justification for the expense.
Daughter has arrived (with our grandson , Malachi) so I need to go play with him.

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(was gonna say I see you had, but I wasn't there luckily). Mine aint worked right since surgery.....steve

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Great to hear you had such a great time! .....you certainly ROSE to the occasion..... thats way cool. I am sure you and the wife had an unforgettable trip.... that rocks!!! My best to you and the family.


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congrats on the trip and the....okay I'll leave the puns for others I dont know you that well and it might seem rather "up front" of me. I would rather seem a bit of a "stiff" shirt then to say something like how you proved "the penis mightier thenthe sword". oops missed the space bar again ;P. That was bad I apologize...see I should leave all humor to others.

I am happy for you, and I am glad you used some of that 401K for the trip!!!!!
Hoping you have many more wonderful times in the next 29 years together. Our 25th is this May 25th.
So nice to read about the good stuff, thanks for sharing.

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Must have been hard on the wife. Of course, now you'll never look at Minnie Mouse the same way again! Talk about Dark Mickey (PS3 game set to be released)

It really IS the Magic Kingdom!

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Hey... I told ya so. Glad you have a great time. Now you need to post a few pics.

Life is funny sometimes

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So maybe there is a hidden meaning calling it "Magic Kingdom". Glad you had a fantastic trip. Have a good one - Tina

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For the uplifting story Rick. Glad mickey & minnie are rocking.


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Now you need to post a few pics.


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Hey you guys Watch it! there are delicate old ladies on this forum you know??? tehehehe

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I'm happy for you!


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Do they bottle that Pixie dust? hehe

Seriously now, so glad you had such a wonderful time.


Debbie (gramma)

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we want pictures!!

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plan a trip to Disney with hubby.

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I so happy you had a great time.

For those that are jealous, I see by all the comments: just go back and remember "Pan the man" or as my friends son says "Peter Man". His son was 3 years old and into Peter Pan running around with a little sword/knife all the time and yelling look dad I'm "Peter Man"!LOL His daddy reminded him that his name is Peter Pan not Peter Man the 3 year old said, "Same thing"LOL We laughed for months, over that one. Come to think of it, everytime I think of it I have to give a little chuckle.
Have great day all!!!
Goofyladie (Cass)

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(plan a trip to Disney)

too funny, Spouse!

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Huge Smile!!

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