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Question about CEA

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From whom did you guys found out what was your CEA before surgery?
My primary physician does not have it in the pre-op lab ordered by the surgeon, do you think they could have done the test in the hospital just before surgery? if so, will the surgeon be the one to have the results in his records? if anyone could tell me what have been your experience with this I will appreciate it.

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Paula G.
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We didn't know anything about my husbands CEA until about mid way into his FOLFOX treatment. The first Onc he was seeing said he didn't go by that. When we changed doctors we found out that it was at 25 mid point on FOLFOX. We don't know what is was before that. It was down to 7.1 at one point and now is 14.1. His scans are looking better so his Onc said not to worry about it.

If you can call and get you blood work records it might be on it. Good luck Paula

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The oncologist usually has that info. It's not terribly accurate so don't get too concerned with the numbers. It is also something that they can not give you over the phone, it has to be person to person (not even a nurse can give me mine numbers) My onc is not thrilled to have her patients even know the numbers, she feels too much emphasis is put on them when they are certainly not the best marker.

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You can get a copy of any and all reports, just for asking for them.
I have copies of every report and test, and all the "op reports" that
surgeons have made, including copies of every scan and X-ray.

I may do the walls with 'em. Kinda' psycho-delic. (If I can only
get a bag of old body parts for a chandelier)

Seriously, you are entitled to copies of each and every report.
(If they give you a hard time, tell 'em I said they can either give
it to you directly, or via a subpoena).

But.... Those readings don't mean much without knowing how they
relate to your symptom, or how your problem may have caused
the readings to be what they are.

CEA means less than you realize. You would be better off
forgetting about "CEA", "WBC", "LDL", etc and concentrate
on eating healthy and getting exercise and rest.

We've lived most all of our lives never knowing, much less caring
about those numbers... why now? Get back to feeling healthy,
and you will amazingly be healthy!



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