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What a difference no aspirin has made

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Kerry S
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I have taken one full strength aspirin daily for years. I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and it has always helped to keep it in check. We have all read, daily aspirin folks have better outcomes so it made good sense to keep it up. Both my colon and primary doctor said as long as I was not having problems to keep it up.

I have had all kinds of problems with hip joint pain (requiring percocet) and low energy levels from last July. It looked like I was sensitive to gluten and even started a spread sheet log of what I ate to how I feel.

In preparation for next week’s colonoscopy I have been off aspirin for a week. What a difference no aspirin has made. In the last 4 days the hip joint pain problems are gone. Energy level is way up. Bowels working better then ever. Had venison spaghetti last night with no gluten sensitivity problems.

I will go back on my daily aspirin routine after the colonoscopy, but now I will switch to the recommended baby aspirin dose. I think this is just one of the “less is best” deals.

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My doctor recommended one baby aspirin, not regular aspirin, for several years now. I know many advocate a full size aspirin, but my personal doc has always said no, a baby aspirin. Something to do with protecting the heart. George does not do any aspirin. When I had my colonoscopy last November I was told no aspirin for at least one week, even a baby aspirin, before colonoscopy, something to do with bleeding. Tina

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ate a hole in my stomach. It is healed over according to endoscopy but I have gastritis and have been on Prilosec and Zantac for 2 yrs because of it.Out of necessity I am now aspirin and Ibuprofen free.

I read an article not too long ago where they were revising the aspirin a day recommendations.Seems like a lot of folks were having stomach problems.


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I really can`t tolerate aspirin either....my stomach just goes nuts...


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I am glad you are feeling so well. It sounds like the colonoscopy is helping you to figure out your aspirin dosage; that's great!

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Nana b
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BABY aspirin is the recommended dose not the 325 mg...

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