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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Kids who lose parents still grieve as adults (CNN)

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I've read most of the stories people shared there. Its so sad there are so many people has lost their parents when they were young. (1/7 of population, believe it or not). And many of them are due to cancer.

Many of the stories bring tears to my eyes. I wish there are more groups out there can help family like these.

In my own world, I'm not afraid of dying, but everytime when I think what my death means to my kids (pre-ks) and my wife. My heart is not crying, it is BLEEDING!

The only choice I have is to fight as hard as I can, for my kids and for my wife!

God bless me with this battle!

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That really hits home, I lost 3 brothers and one sister and never got the chance to say good-by to them, so I know it must have been every worse for there children, living with out there Dad. My one brother and his wife both died leaving two boys and a girl only 6 years old.

Thanks for the post

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