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Spotting Blood

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OK, I had surgery 1 year ago on March 23. Since then, I have had some spotting on my pad off and on. Never a lot- and maybe its a week or two between spots, but sometimes I am spotting some blood 2 or 3 days in a row- then it stops for a few days, a week, then there it is again. Never much, just a few nice red spots, usually very small.

I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. The current PA I have been seeing sees it as no problem. Perhaps he is right. Still I wonder.

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I had more blood today on my pad. If you don't wear a pad- no way to tell, but am I the only one that has blood spots on his pad a year after surgery? 3 months after rad?

Just wondering. I am beginning to think I am alone on this one.

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If I was to guess I would say it must be the radiation that caused that - what does the doc say?


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some thoughts,

I suggest that you make a list of questions for your new doctor.

Also consider contacting the surgeon who did this surgery.

You said that the pa sees nothing wrong,,,,,did you get a logic for this answer?, or a medical reference?


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hi i had radiation therapy, after about a year, i came down with radiation proctitallis. it cause me to beed alot, the doctor told me a was a side effect caused by the radiation, its basically like ulcers inside.I have started taking pomagrante pills and the bleeding has stopped.You will notice to bleed if you are contisipated it flares up, stay postive

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I was spotting blood on my pad before rad occured. This is coming from the urinary tract, but nothing has shown up in the urine I guess. It must be just some flunk condition that comes and goes. When I see the new doc I will be sure to mention it to him. I was spotting some today again.

So it goes. I am a little spooked at this stage of my life so I do wonder about some things like this.

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I had some spotting of blood last Nov while in Hawaii... we had been there diving for about 2 weeks.... turned out I had a UTI going on...caused me to bleed...Doc gave me some meds and... all gone...

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I have been checked for infection- nothing shows up. I was also spotting blood before radiation- so it is not rad alone that may be the cause of the problem.

I see the new doc on April 29- and I do have questions for him.

One though I had. since I am on hormone shots and developing breasts, just maybe I am starting......

Nah! Impossible!!

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