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Hands hurting and going numb.

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Hi everyone.I have been taking armidex for about 2 months now.My hands have been hurting me and go numb sometimes.They wake me up at night.I have to keep shaking them to be able to make the numbness go away.When they are not numb they hurt.I just wonder,d if anyone eles has had this happen.I bought a glove for carprel tunel and it does help.I don,t know if I should let my dr. know this.Thanks for your imput. Pat.

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out of the ordinary dr wants to hear about it. We are an important part of our med team, if we don't do our part we are shortchanging ourselves!

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You should not have to go through this pain. Tell your onc. I was on Femara for two months and got off of it. It made my joints ache and hurt so bad it was hard for me to work.

Hope they resolve this for you.


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When you went off the Femera did they put you on something else? I've only been on it for a little over 2 months and am noticing the joint pain, which I'm still hoping will go away. What, if anything, are you taking now?? thanks.

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Pat, definately call your onco. I am on Arimidex, too, and one of the side effects is joint pain. Not sure that would mean your hands but do tell your doctor. Let us know the outcome. Good luck!!

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absolutely tell your doctor!I ended up the same from chemo..Diagnosed periphial neuropathy. Keep fingers warm with real furry gloves,for now.It really helps.a compression glove(Ineed the fingertips covered) helps the most.Good luck. Cherie1

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I have neuropathy from both diabetes and chemo. There are drugs out there that can help a lot..so definitely tell your doctor. It is a rotten feeling I know...but there can be some relief.

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neuropathy, thats what my partner had when she took differnt meds

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Pat, I hope by now you've talked with your dr about your hands going numb. For years my right hand goes numb at night and I have to get up and move it around to get it back to normal. I have diabetes but I really think my problem is from the way I sleep at night, must hit a nerve somewhere but it always goes away. I'm on Femera too, but don't seem to be having too much joint pain or side effects. I've also had carpal tunnel problems and wear a glove when I'm gardening or using that hand too long. It really helps. Hope you find relief and soon. Let us know how you're doing.

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Megan M
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Pat, I hope also that you contacted your doctor. They should always know of changes to us, especially the numbness. Keep us updated.

Hugs, Megan

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My arms, hands and around my mouth go numb. I'm on herceptin every 3 weeks, and tamoxefin. My oncol. said it could be from the benedryl but doesn't know which drug is doing it to me. Just one more side effect to live with.

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Did you contact your doctor Pat? What did he say? Please let us know.

Hugs, Debby

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