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2nd day post surgery

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Today is my second day since my robotic surgery. I am 52 years old. With a PSA of 4.1, I referred for a biopsy. 4 of 12 were positive with a Gleason of 3+3. After checking out ALL of my options, I decided on the DaVinci procedure. I wanted the best surgeon out there and finally decided on Dr. Patel from the Global Robotic Institute just outside of Orlando, FL. I have to admit the pressure was building leading up to surgery, but I was 100% convinced this was the only option for me, based upon my age.
Dr. Patel is a very nice and capable man. He reassured my wife and I that everything would come out fine. His staff and facility was amazing. I was brought into surgery at 12:30 and got out at 3:45, a little longer than I thought. The only thing that I remember is seeing the machines in the OR, after that, nothing. Even the catheter was put in after I was asleep.
What amazed me the most was getting up at 1:00am, just a few hours after surgery and walking the hallways. I remember my Dad being laid up for a week, 15 years ago when he had the open surgery. The next morning I had a little to eat took a couple of Tylenol and got up and walked out of the hospital. Since being home, I feel fine. There are couple of issues. The catheter is there, not really a problem though. I already had a senior moment and tried to walk away without the bag. That will get your attention real quick. The gas in your belly is also there. It is not terrible though. It is just something that has to pass. I took pain pills with me but don't really use, just when I go to bed. Getting up and walking really seems to help. Also drinking lots of water I think is also helpful.
Anybody who is considering the DaVinci procedure should know that the first day or two afterwards are very manageable. I will try and keep you posted on my days ahead.
I am scheduled to have the cath removed on Monday and get the pathology. Dr. Patel assured me that my nerve bundles were spared so hopefully I can be fully functional at some point down the road.
Take care,

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I felt as you described..I'm now more than 70 days from surgery and feel great and have both continence and sexual function back. Keep up the good news with your recovery.

Randy in indy

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Like Randy, it sounds like a similar experience to mine. I put a post up the other day called "2 months Post DaVinci". Take a look. Things have been going well. I am almost free of pads and the ED is slowly but surely resolving. My job gave me 4 weeks off and I will admit that by week 2 I was starting to go a bit crazy. I wanted to be doing something. Keep us posted on your recovery.


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Thanks the status update. I have my RRP scheduled for Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston. The Doc is telling three to four weeks at home before returning to work on a full time schedule. I plan to work at home before that point. Sounds like you had a good experience.

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I had mine out on a Tuesday morning and by the next Monday I was at my home office desk working. I had the doc send the HR a notice for Half days for two weeks and then back full time. They tried to tell me I needed to be off 6 weeks...HOGWASH...I would have gone out of my mind besides the fact been so behind and had all those covering for me irrate so ...I went back right away.

If you do a physical job you will need to take it easy and be away longer but mine was primarily a phone and computer job.


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Glad to hear that you just had your surgery and you are doing well. Like you, I am 52 years old but Gleason 7. I had my surgery on Monday 3/15 in New York City with Dr. Samadi. The catheter was removed the next Monday and I am doing fine except some minor pains. I am continent since cath removal.
I got 6 weeks off. I really don't mind being off for such a long period. Besides, I needed a break. In my area (research), nobody could really cover for me. So, I don't have to worry about that. I could still work from home. But I intend to participate in the important experts group meetings of the office.

Kurt, I wish you a quick recovery and an excellent pathology report.


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Happy to report that on this day 5 following my surgery, I had several BM's today. I still have a little pain, not too much, though. Smaller meals, more often, lots of water and walking as much as I can. This has worked very well for me. Still not taking and pain pills. I have had some headaches, but that is handled with a couple of Advil. My incisions are healing very well and hopefully on Monday the cath comes out.
Overall, this experience has been much better than I had envisioned. I realize that the very difficult work lies ahead of me, but I am eager to face it head-on. I will not let this situation define my life. We all have to approach this with a positive attitude and a strong and confident constitution.
Good Luck to all my brothers!!

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It sounds like you are making outstanding progress. Hopefully the catheter will prove as much of a non-issue.
Welcome to the other side.

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