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surgery here I come!!

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After the therasphere's procedure done in late December, I am finally ready for liver resection. The speres did their job and made me a candidate!! The last two days I have done all my pre-op stuff and scans, and I am a go for surgery on the 6th of April in Tampa. I am officailly NED right now too. They will be removing all of my right lobe and gall bladder. The fact that I am having surgery is amazing to me! They told me they could not do it, thats why we did the spheres and now I have done a complete turn around.


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Wow - what a breakthrough for you, Christy.

Your story is very inspiring to all of us - but you know who is going to be really thrilled to hear this news?

Yep, our very own Patti (ittap)!!

As soon as she sees this post, she'll be flying high and this will really motivate her and give her hope after seeing you do what she is just behind you trying to do as well.

You 2 gals will be the poster children of "what can be done" when all looks lost.

I'm so pulling for you both - stories like these are motivators :)

Best of luck and can't wait to hear how it goes.


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the greatest news Christy. So happy that the Spheres was so successful for you. As Craig said, this will be an inspiration to many. Best of luck to you. Who is doing your surgery?

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Dr Meredith and Dr Yateman both will be doing it at Moffitt

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Congratulations, Christy,

How exciting is this? Good luck as you prepare for this surgery + thanks for letting us know your good news.

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That is such good news to read this morning! Keep us posted on how it goes! And remember to give yourself a break during the recovery, it can be tough!

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oh Christy! how to cheer up a cold dreary Thursday morning....

well done, Mary is right, the surgery is a little tough so stay in good touch.

hugs, mags

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That's great news. Never say never! :-)

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I love reading good news on this board! Especially that you're officially NED!

Good luck with the surgery and please keep us updated on your progress!

I'm so glad the spheres did their work!

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Paula G.
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Good luck to you. Keep us posted. I am so glad you can have the resection. Stay NED. Love Paula

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Best of success with upcoming procedure.....steve

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Great news, I wish you the best of luck! I'm just getting ready to do the radio spheres, yeah, a new onc actually gave me an option!! woohoo!! I'm right behind you girl!


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great news!!!!!! always nice to hear the good stuff.
I am so happy for you and those who love you, cangratulations!!!

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Yay Christy! I'm so happy for you. Please keep us updated on your surgery date.


Fight for my love
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This is really great news!Your persistence and determination made you a complete turn round!Good luck with the surgery and a speedy recovery!Take care.

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