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Common sense with chemo and radiation

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I know this seems a little off the topic. But some things about cancer are consistent accross the board,...like all cancers ferment glucsose for energy.

I researched complimentary medicine for my wifes Stage IV adenocarcinoma of the lung.
We had outlived her prognosis and were doing natural medicine as I saw what traditional medicine did to my Mother, who died of cancer. We were juicing and supplements.

Still the beast was relentless and although it did not spread through the venous system, it did spread lymphatically. I believe her natural medicine kept it out of her brain.

Anyway, I hooked up with an advocacy group who steared us and provided us with what they felt was relevant data on cancer treatments.

It only boiled down to common sense! We were going to try and stress out the cancer cells so much that they would die off and go away. Well, Medicine stresses cancers with chemo,(oxidative stress) and radiation, (radiactive stress,) but why not stress it in all ways possible. Why not metabolically stress the cancer, why not respiratory wize, stress the cancer, why not nutritionally attack it's love for glucose and stress it's nutritional weakness? You know? Attacking a disease by how it breaths and eats is rather simple and logical approach.

To this day I make my wife's scans and markers available to anybody, she is willing to talk to anyone and to prove what we know is true,... who cares about her story?....as today I pack her lunch for work instead of laying flowers upon her grave.

I feel we have been given a second chance by layering and combining treatments in order to attack this monster with comprehensive and coordinated approach rather than fragmented approach. Who would think something as simple as chlorophyll would make radiation three times as effective and also less harmful to good cell? Who would have thought, that combining alkaline, oxygen, and immune therapies with chemo and radiation would me it so darned effective and less harmful.

Of course her doctors don't believe it,...follow ups went well, and her pastor and fellow employees at work are sure miracles were at work,....but I know, logic and common sense were at work.

Sure, she wanted to go through chemo, and the advocates supported her decision although all they could say was chemo alone "Might" buy her a few more months, but they also showed us the statistics and what we were up against,...our chances were 1 to 3 percent.

But logic dictates,...if cancer loves glucose, deprive it of glucose, if cancer hates oxygen, try and give it more oxygen, and a little higher oxygen pp inside the cell also protects against the ravages of chemo and radiation. (Why do you think they put quinones in sunscreens?)

I feel a need to share her story with the world, and she is willing to talk to anyone,...of course after work, as she is workng 40 hours a week,...not bad for someone who was coughing up blood about a year ago, and had cancer throughout adjacent lymphs.

Our phone is 602 754 1584, email me too.

Good luck, and remember don't ever give up!


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Hi James, thank you for the informative post. You're not the first to bring up the relationship between sugar--glucose--and cancer on the board. The idea that there are other factors that vex cancer and sould be considered when treating are, as you say, thoughtful, and would seem to be a matter of common sense. Most medical models don't focus on these possible links at this time, but I hope that awareness will increase and they will in the future. For now, it's probably safe to say it's best to lay off a heavily weighted sugar diet when in treatment or remission. Sometimes this is complicated by a need to get calories in, but, as said, the relationship has been noted before and is one to keep in mind and become more aware of. Thanks to you and your wife for not giving up, and for sharing her story.

best, Hal

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Great Post James.

Glad to hear you're getting this valuable information out there. Hit the Bas*&^d Cancer from everywhich way. I did the same to the chortles of my doctors 'conventional' collective wisdom. The day they accept a wider view of the common sense approach, the better.

I subscribe to the no sugar, alkaline vs acid, vital greens, anti-oxidents and raw foods as my weapons.

Good on you and all the best to you and your wife.


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