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time between lumpectomy and chemo

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My chemo start date has been canceled twice. First time I had a toothache and had to have that taken care of. This time my 5 year old son came down with strep throat and the Doc wants to wait a week. My lumpectomy was on Feb 5th. I am wondering if there is a time frame when you must start chemo for it to be effective.

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My chemo started about 7 weeks after my lumpectomy~ I would say you are still right on target!


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I waited 8 weeks from the time of my mastectomy to first chemo. My oncologist said he likes to wait about 6 weeks after surgery. He didn't complain about me pushing it out another 2 weeks. I was glad I did.

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I think it is usually 6 to 8 weeks. Good luck!

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I was four weeks between lumpectomy and chemo. But longer won't make a difference. Chemo can lower you resistance to infection, so it is probably a good thing they posponed it. I know waiting can be a real grind when you want to just get in there and get it over with. Good luck with your chemo. Hope all goes well for you.

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Mine chemo was about 6-7 weeks after my lumpectomy. It's important that you are healthy going into this. Not sure how many treatments you are scheduled for, but the first one is pretty managable, as they progress they become a bit harder on your body. Keep positive, we are all her for you through this.

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I would say that it was best that you delayed starting chemo. From what I know, it is usually around 6 or 8 weeks to start it. Good luck on it.

Hugs, Debby

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Christmas Girl
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Please don't worry about the delay. The body needs some time to heal following surgery. And your immune system needs to be fully functioning, not compromised, before beginning chemo. The delay will not dimiish the chemo's effectiveness.

Best wishes to you.

Kind regards, Susan

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I agree with Susan. Don't worry about the delay. Take care of yourself!

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I was dx in the end of Dec with b/c. Had lumpectomy end of Jan., stage 1, 2 nodes removed negative, er+/prneg, her2 neg. I have fatty tissue in breast and wanted to be aggressive, wanted to get the beast in the event it was hiding......another unrelated problem reared its head and have been treated for the last 3 weeks for an infection. Went to dr today there is no cure but surgery will be required once the infection clears.(should have done this a few years back, thought I had a bartholin cyst but after surgery the pathology came back as a rare disease was unable to have both sides done at the same time)...Hindsight is always 20/20 but will talk with my onco tomorrow about my options(will not delay this). I want to do the chemo but there is a possiblity (more probability) that my problem may become inflammed or infected yet again. My oncotype score was 20 but I wanted to do the chemo then the rad and then the 5 year pill.
Just wanted to vent because this has been frustrating. Been here everyday since I joined, you all are so supportive and encouraging. God bless all and this site. It has kept me focused as I journey onward.........did not mean to write so much.

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