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Peter's in hospital for last 10 days

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Hi all,I am new here so wanted to get some input from someone out there if possible.My husband has stage1Vb inoperable cancer.He was on a protacol program up at MD Anderson from the first time he was diagnosed last July.They litterly brought him back from deaths door.Angels all of them.He was doing so very well until Jan of this year.He was taken off the protacol becuse his cancer was spreading even more.We came back to Mission,Tx to have chemo here.MD Anderson recommended treatment.First one not to bad.Tired & some vomiting & nausea.Since that time things have been going down hill.Second treatment he got so very ill during the chemo & has been very sick since then.That was 2 weeks ago.Finally brought him to the ER 10 days ago.He needed fluids of course & IV feedings as had not eaten or drank anything.They put in a stint a few days ago & drained fluid from his chest cavity.Stint is working as he can swallow & eat except he has no appetite.He has shorthness of breath & sleeps all the time.They have him on oxygen but nothing has changed for the better.I know you can't or shouldn't offer medical advise but I was wondering if any on else has had or gone through this.The doctors here seem to be at a loss.They did a CT scan of his stomach & pelvic area on Sat but I still have not heard what that showed if anything at all.I have been at his side because I feel I can't always trust the care givers,this is a good hospital but they have almost made three serious medication mistakes that I caught in time.My husband can't hear well so I feel I have to be here for him.Thanks for listenign & hope to get a reply God Bless!

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Hi Juljenkie and Peter,
I too am so sorry to hear of your story. I was a caregiver for my dad who recently passed away on 3/9/10. He had esophageal cancer which methasized to his liver in December. He beat the ec with radiation and xeloda chemo. He spent 8 days at UVA in December, he was dehydrated, anemic, and jaundice. He had a blocked bile duct. It was the hardest 8 days for all of us. Dad was ready to give up then, but we convinced him to reconsider. He did. He had a stent put in his bile duct, he had a stent put in his esophagus, which was getting closed from scar tissue. We brought him him December 23. Just in time for Christmas! He never really recovered 100% from this. He remained very tired, and weak. The dr. prescribed a steroid to increase his appetite. This did work, but it also made his feet and ankles swollen. This swelling never went away, until he passed away. The dr wanted him to take Xeloda again for the mets to his liver, since he did so well taking it for his ec. He started taking 6 /500 mg pills twice a day for 2 weeks. This time he did not do well. He got every side effect. This made him even sicker. Now when mom and I look back, we wished we would have not even given him the chemo again. You know how the whould have should have thoughts go.

Dad would pray each night for the Lord to please take him. He asked us to please give him our blessing. After watching him go down hill since December, seeing how much pain and suffering he went through, we gave him our blessings. He was now at peace, and passed away that evening. Dad also had major side effects from the pain meds, morphine and oxicodone.

This was a very long year for us. Dad had a good year from 11/08 when he was first dx, he did great with the radiation and chemo, until 11/09. Once the blocked bile duct came and the mets to the liver came, it was over.

Dad knew he was done. He knew that his time had come. He kept telling us that, but we just kept holding on to that small chance. We are all happy and at peace now that he has passed, and he is no longer suffering or in pain.

I hope my story helps you to understand that you and your husband are not alone. Please know that you as a caregiver have done everything possible for him. I will be praying for you and your husband daily. You did a great job catching that medicine mistake! Yes, you do have to follow behind the nurses and ask alot of questions! Good job. Keep in touch.

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