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Anyone had a biopsy with needle???

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Looks like they are wanting to do a needle biopsy in the groin area since apparently there is something suspicious there. Being as I HATE needles it makes me a bit nervous, especially because I am sure the needle is huge.

Has anyone had anything similar? And did you feel it? (Don't tell me how big the needle is I don't want to even think about it... ouch)

Thanks to everyone,


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have a needle biopsy for my groin lymph node that lit up on PET. It was just factored in to the radiation plan. I did have a needle biopsy for my liver met. I was sedated for that. If they will not put you out, I would at least request some Valium or something to take the edge off. When I had my lipidol procedure (injected through a catheter in the artery in my groin) they gave me valium and versed, worked like a charm, reduced anxiety and induced amnesia. If I had any pain I don't remember it. Hope you can get them to give you something to make it easier.
Best to you,

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I wasn't put to sleep or given anything to relax but everything was numbed in the groin so I didn't feel a thing doing or afterward. I saw the needle to me it was that big.. Mine wasn't successful. So I later had to get the lymph node removed for them to biopsy, turned out the Pet/Scan did show two cancerous lymph node the removal of one lymph verified that.

Hope everything works out for you.


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