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radiation burns to face

friend of Bill
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New to this forum, glad to find you.

17 months past chemo and 39 radiation treatments for neck (tonsil bed with mets to a lymph node), still have red, splotchy, painless burns on face. Do they go away? Does anything promote healing? Thanks.

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Welcome to CSN.

We are all different on how well we heal after treatment, some of us do very well and heal fast while other take a very long time. Most of my problems were gone about 4 to 6 months after the treatment stopped but would have an out brake every now and then as the body may take a while to purge all the radiation & chemo out.

To be on the safe side check with your ENT about it if he thinks it normal ask him if there are any cleanser he would suggest to help your body get rid of the toxins from the rad & chemo.

Take care my friend

Kent Cass
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Little less than a year after my last rad- still have a minor amount on my neck- but not on my face. Only notice it, visually.


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I hag almost second dgree burns to my neck. The hospital gave us Aquaphor a vaseline like ointment that soothed and healed my burns very well. We put it on and rapped it up to keep the heat from the burns working it in. My wife is jealous how smooth my neck is now Best wishes

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I, too, used Aquaphor. It helped immensely. I used clear aloe gel when the burns were bad, and since I have pretty sensitive skin to start with, always use a really mild soap. My neck was the worst after my treatments, but now it seems to just be a little darker on the one side. I guess it all takes time.

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I used 100% natural aloe gel immediately after each radiation treatment. Before I went to bed I loaded up on the aquaphor. I truly belive those two combinations saved my skin. I have more freckles on one side now :) but I am happy with my skin.

friend of Bill
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Thanks so much for the input. Started Aquaphor. It tingles which gives me hope something is going on under the crimson.

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My neck ulcerated a few weeks ago despite the aloe and the aquaphor. Everything opened up, but it is now healed. I checked in with a wound care team at the hospital and had to do some debridement at home. (removal of the dead tissue/exudate) It was very painful, but it is all healed now, but discolored, hopefully that will fade...

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Had 18 of prescribed 20 Radiation treatments, Raw, Ozing and in pain. Used Aloe, Aquaphor, and Silvidine, no relief. Not sure I will do last 2 treatments. Inside of Nostrils raw, bloody noses and headaches. Help anyone

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