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Does your cancer survivors network name have a special meaning?

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I saw this on another board and thought it was a nice, light topic.

I'll jump in.

When we married, I considered keeping my maiden name. Finally I dropped my middle name, used my maiden name for my middle name, and added 'his name'.

I used to tease hubbie that I became "Mrs His Name" and that I was no longer 'me'. Of course, I was just kidding. He has always let me be 'me' and has spoiled me rotten.

Anyway, that is the story. Would love to hear other's stories!

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Mine does of lewvino. A friend where I worked at about 15 years ago gave me the nickname and I liked it. LEW are my initials. Vino is a play on my last name of Wineland so lewvino it is.

Larry Lewvino Wineland

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Thought I'd make my email and screen name so everyone could identify where I was...without me having to always disclose it seperately...lol


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I've been a lucky man... twice... really!

The first time was when I was 6 years old. My father kept a pistol that he brought back from WWII. One of my older brothers found it, pointed it at my head and pulled the trigger... "click"... nothing happened and fortunately my mother called us to breakfast. My brother quickly finished his breakfast and headed back to the room where my father hid that pistol... "BANG"... the next round was now in the chamber and went into the wall.

The second time was when I was just shy of my 56th birthday and I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately it was detected early, giving me lots of time to decide how to get rid of it. I chose surgery which happened to be a wise decision for my particular case.

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Just a milestone to remember after I beat PC.
After 2 regular biopsies (12 cores each);with inconclusive findings, my doc and I
agreed on a saturation biopsy. 30 core samples. 3 came out positive.
Feb 25, 2010.

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What else could an honest man be who is true and straight to the point?

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It simply explains my Italian Name.

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When I got older my Dad called me BD... and Hilton is my last name... See no special meaning...LOL

hopeful and opt...
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