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MRI and CT Results

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Hey Semi Family!

Well, here's the results from the tests I had last week.

MRI - Performed because of back pain. I fractured my T7 vertebrae back in late Dec,2009. I thought it had healed because the pain had ended. I went and got a professional massage...and it was quite rough. Obviously TOO rough for my condition. I was not aware that for that fracture to FULLY heal it would require about 6 months. It seems I now have inflammation on that T7 vertebrae probably due to irritation from the massage. Nothing but time and some antibiotic's will heal it. But...thats ok..I can deal with that.

CT - Performed because of rib pain (that pain is now gone)..BUT.. they said it was a good thing I got it because they found heavy inflammation in my colon. They said it was in the cecum/ileum area...hummm..I have no cecum..it was removed with the rest of my large intestine...but they said it was in the mucas membranes in the area where it WAS...by the ileum in the small intestine. They said it was something that spreads...fast...and can cause intense stomach cramps...fever..and poops...I have none of these now and they said I was lucky it was caught now. SOOOO..they gave me heavy duty antibiotics for that. But..thats oh...I can deal with that.

OK...now the bad news. The CT also showed a 9mm nodule in my right middle lung :( yeah, not happy about that one..NOT ok. I am so confused about that. How could I get a nodule that big and have CEA at 4.4??? that is in normal range. Wouldn't my CEA rise? My CEA was 2.9 in early Dec, 2009 when they declared me NED after PET scan. When I fractured that T7 vertebrae in late Dec. the CEA rose to 4.5 and Onc. said that was due to pain level from fracture. Since then it has gone down just a tad to 4.4. BUT....still in normal limit and that is what Onc said. The nodule they just found is non-calcified which tells me it is not scar tissue of any kind. BUT... is it possible it could be a cyst... or non cancerous????? That would explain why no rise in CEA and would definately make my year! If it's not cancerous...does something like that still need removed? It it is cancer.... what are my options??? I did have a PET scan today so by the end of the week I will know for sure. I was hoping for some input from you all cause the end of the week will take FOREVER to get here. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one but still can't help but worry.

Thanks to all of you


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1st congrads on all the good stuff and I would want to know for sure if it were cancerous and than get advise of ONC as to whether to have it removed or not not but if I had something in me that could remotely become cancerous I'd want it taken out. hope you get good news at the end of the week...

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it will be a benign cyst...not to worry...and thats that :)...Hi sweetie.....good to talk with you again........Love to ya.....Buzz

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9mm is much, much smaller than a dime.

Mayo Clinic on Lung Nodules

Although most lung nodules are noncancerous (benign), some represent early-stage lung cancer.

Lung nodules — small masses of tissue in the lung — are quite common. They appear as round, white shadows on a chest X-ray or computerized tomography (CT) scan. They're usually about 1/5 inch to 1 inch, or 5 millimeters (mm) to 25 mm, in size. A larger lung nodule, such as one that's 25 mm or larger, is more likely to be cancerous than is a smaller lung nodule.


I sure hope this is nothing Jennie. Prayed that it's nothing!!

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Hi Lady Di......... Thanks for the link and prayers. I don't think I would be so concerned if this had been my first lung nodule. But considering I previously had 15...of all sizes from 2" down...and beat them.... it worries me they are trying to invade again.... especially since I have quit all chemo except Xeloda. I just HATE the darn waiting game!


PS........... Does anybody think my CEA should have gone up more....or not????

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Who would have thought that a message could mess you up so badly. Are you sure it's not from the happy ending?
Finding stuff that can be treated with antibiotics sounds good to me.
On the lung cyst - don't worry. Relax, you'll be fine. Waiting sucks. Go for a drive. Pamper yourself. Just don't get another massage.
Take care Jennie,

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Hi Jennie,

I am keeping my fngers crossed for you too. I am glad you got all the good news, + I hope that you have more to follow. Take good care!

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Hi Jennie,

Congrats about the good news & sorry about the new lung nodule- that sucks. Hopefully it isn't cancerous, but know that there are several options if it is. I would think you could get it zapped pretty easily through either cyberknife or stereotactic radiation- or you could have it surgically removed. The radiation might be the thing to try first- can usually be zapped in 1-3 treatments. But, first things first- get your PET results back first before you decide how to get rid of it, since it might not even be cancerous.

So far as your CEA, maybe CEA isn't a reliable indicator for you. Do you know if it has been in the past? I'm told that once it has proven to be reliable for an individual, it usually stays as a reliable indicator on cancerous activity. If you don't know on that, maybe your CEA isn't reflective of cancerous activity in you (or maybe it's NOT cancerous, and that's why it hasn't gone highe! :) Interesting that your onc considers 4.5 as within normal range- I was told 2.5 and under is "normal". I've only heard of higher amounts being allowed for smokers or African Americans. Maybe the guidelines on the lab my onc uses are slightly different, though.

Hang tough, girl- you're going to be okay!


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I'm with Buzz, it's nothing. Whatever it is you will deal with it. You're a strong gal. When will you get the results of the PET ?

Cancer BLOWS !!!


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I know everytime I use to get my blood workup before chemo they would always come back on a paper that listed everything they tested for.... my results...and the acceptable ranges... Example: Here are a few from my last blood test on 3/8/10

WBC = 8.3 Range 4.0-10.5 (in range)
Platelets = 375 Range 140-415 (in range)
RBC = 3.35 Range 3.80-5.10 (low)
Neutrophils = 71.1 Range 40.0-74.0 (in range)
and so on.......

CEA = 4.4 Range 0.0-4.7 (in range)
It also says on CEA paper Roche ECLIA methodology Nonsmokers <3.9 Smokers <5.6
Since I was a 2.5 pack a day smoker for 30 years but quit 9 years ago.... what group do I fall in?? When DX'd my CEA was 75 and as cancer left the CEA dropped so I guess it was a pretty good indicator.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... any new ideas now that you know this info???? anyone????

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I quit smoking also and consider myself to be in the 0-3 range for CEA level. Mine was 1.9 last time and I have another coming up soon. 4/5 for draw and 4/12 for onc appt. but I will know CEA that evening...Good friend in Onc office calls me.. :)

I think that you are fine....It will prove to be notta......chin up girl........

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More than likely, it is benign, as everyone has indicated...CEA holding steady lends credibility to this argument.

Something to watch though, if it continues to grow in size and move into CMs, it will have to be dealt with - benign or not.

You know I'm in that spot right now.


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I'm sending prayers to you for a benign cyst. Seems like it's always something, doesn't it? You've had enough! Time for a break from cancer.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

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Hi Jennie,you are in my prayers.Wish you the best.Take care.

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