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Just got back from my doctors

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The second biopsy of the right side showed no cancer in the thyroid, lymph nodes, etc. I did get copies of all biopsies to read. My doctor got a verbal when he told me the diagnosis. He said I had follicular cancer, but when I got the official report it says Follizular Oncocytic Carcinioma (Hurthle Cell Carcinoma). The size was 1.5 cm, with capsular and extensive vascular incasion. 10 days post op. See the endo on Friday, and will get more info from them at the time. Also really want to get the body scan because of the vascularity I'm concerned about mets. Also the fact that I guess I do have Hurtle Cell Carcinoma and know that it is more aggressive and more resistant to radioactive iodine. he was pleased with the incision, and told me not to talk so much with my raspy voice.

After the doctor's appointment I had lunch and a long talk with a nurse friend of mine. We first analyzed the path reports....talked about cancer and then moved on. It was so nice to talk and to just be me again......just to forget even if it was for a short while!

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What do mean by second biopsy?

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I had 2 seperate surgeries to remove half of my thyroid. With each surgery they did a biopsy on each part of they thyroid, the lymph nodes, and tissue removed. The first showed hurthle cell cancer in the tumor and in 1 lymph node. The second surgery they tested the second half of the thyroid and lymph nodes, and a parathyroid gland and there was no cancer on the right side.

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Where did you have surgery done? Can they test during surgery to devide if one or both sides to remove? My biopsy shows hurtle cells.

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