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Chemo bag

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Hi everyone, I just got the chemo bag that I will be wearing for this week. Problem is it's bulky and have not figured out how to wear it. As a "fannypack" is it better to have the tubing going under my shirt or over my shirt? I am working tomorrow and will be bending and moving around any suggestions?

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Hi Skittles,

I was fortunate in that I took off 2 months work while in treatment. But when I went out with the bag I would wear the tubes under, as I found that the tubes wouldn't get caught on anything as easily. I called the bag my baby, and my biggest problem was keeping the fanny pack taut as not to slip down my hips. I wish you well, Lori

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Hey Skittles... I just got mine today also, yes - its very bulky!! Under has been the way to go for me, and I've kept the extra tubing coiled loosely on top with the zipper open a little to give it room to move. Guess it will get easier as we get used to it... Have a good day tomorrow!


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Like Cathy, I wore mine under also. The suggestion of leaving a little slack in the tubing is a good one. Just in case you bend or reach and you get a little tug on it. It really is pretty secure but I would find myself feeling a little anxious if it felt like there was any tension put on it. I guess the pump makes the same bzzzt sound as mine did. I found myself chuckling about it after a day of wearing it. It sounded like the automatic coupon dispenser at the grocery to me. One other suggestion, I hung the bag on the head of the bed and took out all of the tubing and put the slack under my pillow. I did not experience any occasion of it getting tangled up as I slept. Good luck to both of you. Hope it passes quickly for you.
Best to you,

tiny one
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I called my chemo pump my bad buddy. Hated the thing cause it got in my way, when I would do housework or yardwork. I put the tubing under my clothes. I wore it like a purse, not a fanny pack, putting it over my head and across my shoulder. At night I put it under my pillow when I slept. I also had to keep it out of reach of my cat, he was very interested in it. It was the reason I believe that my side effects were so mild.

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I was just glad loose clothing was in fashion, rather than tight :). I also hated mine....I know it helped me, but i HATED it. Did they tell you you couldn't shower? I washed my hair in the sink the whole time, and then the very last time I had it disconneted some woman told me about some waterproof thing they can put over it so you can shower. Don't know anymore than that, but you might want to ask, if you miss your showers like I did mine!!!
I wish you luck. The first round went great for me, but the second kicked me. Everyone is different!
Oh and I wore it under too :)!!

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I named mine Esmeralda. Since we slept, ate, walked, bathed together we had to get on a first name basis! : - ) I slung the bag over my arm most times. It was less pull on the tubing and I just wasn't comfortable wearing it around my waist all the time. I can remember sitting on the couch and having Esmeralda next to me then getting up and forgetting I was attached to it! My PICC line ran under my shirt.

Oh Esmeralda....despite how close we were I don't miss you one bit!


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