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Second CT Scan in a week – concerned about radiation

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Last year I had six CT Scans. Last week I had another CT Scan and because they saw a perforated diverticulum they have scheduled me for another CT Scan today. Two in one week!!! Is this too much radiation?

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Well, the radiation emitted from CTs and PETs is very high and can be accumulative. It is definitely not very healthy. The issue is that you come to points in your battle that you must make choices and "trade this for that." You are fighting for TODAY and not tomorrow. Sometimes, you have to "Rob Peter and pay Paul."

In 2010, the scans the doctors use are the available technology that mankind can offer one another. There is just no other way around it - it is what it is - does not make it right - just the way that things "currently" are.

With all that you've got going, if your doctor thinks a scan is necessary, it is probably best to go through everything now, and also later on down the line. Once the fight lets up, you won't have to do so many in the future. That's all that any of us can hope for.

I used to have a minimum of 4-CTs and 4-PETs run a year and I used to think the same thing as you are. But what could I do, we were in a firefight? Scans and the bloodwork are the "diagnostic tools" of the doctor's trade, so if this gives them the best chance of seeing what they need to see, I think you have to ride along until the crisis can pass, or stay with it as long as the battle rages. And preventive scans will be a part of the plan as a follow up, of course.

Your concern is a valid one, but today, this is the best technology that we have available, and at one time or another, we all have to keep going through it and getting them, so we can keep a close eye on our situations.

And the good news here, is that even though you are doing another scan so quickly, if there is something there, you've got a jump on it early and are on top of it.

It's a double-edge sword - scans can help us diagnose issues and they can hurt us with the radiation they emit. Hopefully, one day, there will be another safer way for all of us.

I did so many I used to "glow." LOL :)

Fly High, Cessna!


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